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The first track, Broken Man, is a near-perfect melancholic love song, so prepare for a lone tear to roll down your cheek when the needle hits the wax. Pressed on mahogany brown vinyl. Limited copies available for RSD exclusively. Legacy Recordings' Live From The Vault series uncovers rare and unreleased concerts on vinyl, featuring classic bootleg-inspired jacket design with unique, artist-specific outer wraps OBI. Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane first conceived Hot Tuna as a loose, easygoing side project, showcasing the duro's favorite pre-war country and blues songs in an intimate acoustic style.

Live at the New Orleans House features alternate performances from the same weeklong run of shows in Berkeley, California that were used on the band's self-titled debut in all released here for the first time on LP. Hesitation Blues 2. How Log Blues 3. Uncle Sam Blues 4. Don't You Leave Me Here 5. Know You Rider 2. Oh Lord, Search My Heart 3. Winin' Boy Blues 4. New Song For The Morning 5. Mann's Fate. The artwork for this six track EP is based around the original single 'Moths', using the same shot of Ian Anderson on the cover and replacing the original black and white for colour. Includes bonus 12" x 24" insert 1.

Opening 2. Wall of Fire 3. Drift Away 4. Still Searching 5. Phobia 6. Only a Dream 7. Don't 8. Babies 9. Over the Ege Surviving It's Alright Don't Think About it The Informer Hatred A Duet Somebody Stole My Car Close to the Wire Michael Kiwanuka is a 30 year old British soul singer. He has released two albums since being signed in Out of print for years it is being re-issued on 12" picture disc. Vinyl Reissue of the classic solo album, out of print on vinyl since release in !

Gatefold Sleeve, printed inners sleeves on white vinyl! How It Should Be, 2. Wasted and Ready, 3. Family Tree, 4. Commerce, TX, 5. In Other Words, 6. Walk On Me, 7. Make it Up, 8. No Reason, 9. Lizzy, This limited edition Yellow 7" Single features a large hole and shaped adaptor, housed in a printed paperboard sleeve. This mixtape, the second from Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert, has never been officially produced in a physical format before this Record Store Day yellow vinyl release.

Individually numbered and only worldwide. The Philadelphia rapper's fourth mixtape, pressed for the first time on vinyl purple! Their live album, released for the first time on vinyl in this double, gold and black vinyl edition. Recorded at the end of the tour promoting the group's smash debut Vivid, this hard-driving set also previews songs from the band's next album, Time's Up, released in the summer of Cult Of Personality 2.

Pride 3. Someone Like You 4. Fight The Fight 5. Funny Vibe 6. Sailin' On 7. Information Overload 8. Love Rears It's Ugly Head 9. Soldier's Blues Open Letter To A Landlord Solace Of You Middle Man Little Lies. The Lurkers were the first ever band on Beggars Banquet and the whole label history boils down to their existence. Pressed on orange vinyl. Ain't Got a Clue 2. I Don't Need to Tell Her 3. Total War 4. Hey You 5. Shadow 6. Then I Kicked Her 7. Jenny 2. Time of Year 3. Self Destruct 4. It's Quiet Here 5. Gerald 6. I'm on Heat 7. Be My Prisoner. Worldwide run of 14, Worldwide run of 12, It was a natural progression for George to write for films - two of which are featured here.

George adores Bach and these pieces are an opportunity for him to indulge in his admiration for this great composer. Beatles to Bond And Bach is a small glimpse of an exceptionally gifted person. Side B 1. Every living creature must face the will and judgment of time. Ancient Greeks personified time in the form of the titan Kronos, father of Zeus, and ancient Egyptians celebrated Heh as an abstraction of endless years.

Mastodon ponders the nature of time on their eighth album Emperor of Sand. Threading together the myth of a man sentenced to death in a majestically malevolent desert, the Atlanta quartet conjures the grains of a musical and lyrical odyssey slipping quickly through a cosmic hourglass. Emperor of Sand is pressed on full color picture disc vinyl for Record Store Day In , Johnny Mathis attempted one of the biggest gambles of his lengty career: an album of disco-ready funk and bossa nova tracks, written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, the founders of Chic and hitmakers for Sister Sledge, Diana Ross and others.

Unreleased for more than 35 years, I Love My Lady loms large. The first ever domestic reissue of one of the first ever MC5 singles! Packaged in new space age envelope style sleeves, with rare unseen band photos! One of the earliest MC5 singles! Packaged in new envelope style sleeves, with rare unseen band photos! At United Sound, the band hit the zigzag riff at light speed and stayed there, framed by searing lead guitar and explosive drumming.

The Mohawks consisted of a group of session musicians assembled by the British composer Alan Hawkshaw. They released the song The Champ 50 years ago in , successfully re-released in The songs itself is based on the Lowell Fulson soul blues classic Tramp. The Champ is used as a sample in over songs. Both songs were recorded for the album The Champ. Alan Hawkshaw is known for his work as a composer for movies and television programs. He was rewarded a doctorate in , giving him the title of Doctor for his contributions to the music.

The new album You're Driving Me Crazy features legendary vocalist Van Morrison and jazz organist Joey DeFrancesco exploring both great jazz and blues standards as well as highlights from Morrison's eclectic songwriting catalog. Worldwide run of 10, One track pressed to heart shaped 7" red vinyl. Toc H. Recorded live at the Ritz in Pressed on double vinyl for Record Store Day. The show's many highlights included laid-back live performances recorded in the round before a small audience and featuring a powerful ensemble--including guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D.

Fontana, both part of Elvis' original, classic backing band. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of ELVIS, both electrifying intimate sets will be released in an individually numbered 2XLP package with a newly created gatefold sleeve, pressed on red vinyl. This version of , featuring the original alternative front cover and 'eye' picture labels, has been unavailable on LP for 35 years, since its initial pressing in As half of the iconic group Mobb Deep, Prodigy was a key player in New York hip-hop's mid's renaissance, delivering in-depth, uncompromising verses about life in the Queensbridge projects.

Certified Classics honors Prodigy's legendary and undisputed legacy with a special picture disc release using this original artwork from his debut hit solo single, 's "Keep It Thoro" and featuring instrumental and a cappella versions of this track as well as a remix by Prodigy's Mobb Deep partner Havoc. Keep It Thoro Clean Version 2. Keep It Thoro Main Version 3. Keep It Thoro Instrumental 4. Keep It Thoro Main Acapella 5. Keep It Thoro Remix Instrumental. There are three unreleased tracks on Side A and an etching on Side B. Less than a year after the release of The Battle of Los Angeles, Rage Against The Machine waged their own battle of Los Angeles in the summer of , staging an incendiary concert in protest of the American political party system across from the Staples Center while the Democratic National Convention was held inside.

This raw, uncompromising set is now available for the first time anywhere, pressed exclusively on vinyl for Record Store Day The tracks were previously only available on CD in the 40th Anniversary Edition Leave Home Deluxe Box, and are now appearing for the first time on vinyl! This 3LP set is on vinyl for the first time. Sing This All Together 2. Citadel 3. In Another Land 4. She's A Rainbow 7. The Lantern 8. Gomper 9. On With The Show. Adam Sandler's first album, certified 2xPlatinum but never before released on vinyl.

Enter the Dragon is often considered one of the greatest martial arts films of all time, it was also Bruce Lee's final film appearance before his death on 20 July at age The film was released just six days later on 26 July in Hong Kong. In a short period of time, Sevdaliza amassed millions of plays on Youtube and Spotify.

Her debut album Ison, released in , received rave reviews from around the globe. Whenever I find ease in the mind, my physical pains dissolve. De-hydration of the soul, means drying out the cracks of the joints. These pains are experienced as real. They reflect in each layer of our being. In order to have clearness in our head, we need to clear our hearts. The Calling is the soul telling me to return. She is the birth of all that is. When her voice cracks, it tenderly does like joints.

I believe there will come an end to where these painpoints point. By listening. I am, before I am mine or yours. The Calling is a Record Store Day Exclusive, an individually numbered limited edition vinyl EP, pressed on unique hand mixed moonstone vinyl. Soul Syncable 2.

Soothsayer 4. Energ1 Side B 1. Human Nature 2. Voodoov 3. The Shins, the acclaimed pop project of songwriter James Mercer, have won the hearts of many, building strongly from the early releases on indie luminaries Sub Pop Records to the recent, deeply intimate album, Heartworms. They did the unexpected when they re-recorded every song on the album in a completely different style and reversed the running order for The Worms Heart released last month. The essential album was released in an this part 1, consisting of 28 of their songs.

Robbie, the great composer, and Mariska Venus, the inimitable singer, offer sheer musical delight on this essential compilation album, which is a perfect introduction to all other albums by Shocking Blue. This Record Store Day release includes a fan treat and is available as a limited edition of individually numbered copies on transparent blue vinyl. Love Is In the Air 2. What You Gonna Do 3. Fix Your Hair Darling 5. Send Me A Postcard6. Harley Davidson 7. Long And Lonesome Road 8.

Fireball Of Love Side B 1. Venus 2. Hot Sand 3.

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Mighty Joe 4. Wild Wind 5. Never Marry A Railroad Man 6. Roll Engine Roll 7. Hello Darkness Side C 1. Shocking You 3. Waterloo 4. Blossom Lady 5. Is This A Dream 6. I Like You 2. Inkpot 3. Rock In The Sea 5. Broken Heart 6. Eve And The Apple 7. When I Was A Girl. In they worked together with the Swedish singer Junior Natural, after Junior auditioned for Robbie. On board the album are living legends like Robbie Lyn on keyboard and Dalton Browne on guitar. The twelve tracks are packed with massive bass lines and a heavy tone of guitar sounds.

The album is a fusion of rock, reggae and funk and got some strong an militant messages by Junior. Side A Militant Bouncy Bouncy Smelly Dread Karma Nothing But The Truth Mad Mad Bad Side B Close to You Sweet Wood Drop a Bomb Mighty Bertus Round and Brown Creation Binghi. For their 10th studio album, the mighty Smithereens recorded selections of the The Who's Tommy and released the album in The Smithereens Play Tommy is available here for the first time on vinyl.

Legacy Recordings' Live From The Vaults series uncovers rare and unreleased concerts on vinyl, featuring classic bootleg-inspired jacket design with unique, artist-specific outer wraps OBIs. This never-before-heard set features Soul Asylum's hard-driving performance at the legendary Austin venue Liberty Lunch, just months after the release of their breakthrough album Grave Dancers Union. Parlaying his dabke into the breakneck techno realm of electronic music, the artist is now known for his high octane sound across the Western music front.

Director Luca Guadagnino of the worldwide movie hit Call me by Your Name found himself resonating with Sufjan Stevens' lyricism through his work and initially asked Stevens to record an original song. Eventually, Stevens contributed three songs to the Call me By Your Name soundtrack: "Visions of Gideon", which was used at a very emotional scene at the end of the film, "Mystery of Love," for which a video was made and a new rendition of "Futile Devices" with piano.

Stevens penned the songs by using the script, the book, and the conversations with the director about the characters. It marks Sufjan Stevens' first soundtrack for a feature film. This limited edition of The American singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens is well known for creating deeply personal songs with an understanding of the power of melodies and emotional impact. He just integrate it in his rhythms and melodies, from electronica and folk to indie and rock. In he brought his album Illinois to life, a masterpiece which reached number one on the Billboard charts.

Summer of , Northern Italy. An American-Italian is enamored by an American student who comes to study and live with his family. Together they share an unforgettable summer full of music, food, and romance that will forever change them. The film received critical acclaim upon its release, being already positively compared to Brokeback Mountain and Moonlight. Critics praised in particular Chalamet, Hammer and Stuhlbarg's performances, Guadagnino's direction and the screenplay. Mystery Of Love Side B 1. Visions Of Gideon 2. Futile Devices Doveman Remix. For RSD Roadrunner ia presenting Hydrograd Acoustic Sessions, a 12" vinyl EP of acoustic versions of selected songs from their album Hydrograd, on solid silver vinyl with digital download.

Features a selection of tracks appearing on vinyl exclusively on this release. Worldwide release of This RSD release is a double white label remix and B-side compilation covering the first Streets album Original Pirate Material, based on a publishing promo CDR from and is the first time all of these tracks will be on vinyl in one place. Trip One is the first in a series of Desert Suite releases.

Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives have reached back into the vault and let loose some of their favorite collaborations and B-Sides. Side A: 1. Rattle and Roll. Featuring both the iconic Super Cat version and the rock edit. Reissued on a sea foam green disc, reconnecting consumers with the classic feel of the album art. Fly Ft. Supercat 2. Fly Rock Edit. This release is a good place to start for uninitiated or dismissive listeners. The other five tracks, which feature, among others, Ra's longtime associate John Gilmore on tenor saxophone, were recorded at the Choreographer's Workshop rehearsal space in and The album is finally receiving its first ever vinyl release with a psychedelic color pressing, exclusively for Record Store Day One of a handful of albums Sun Ra released on the legendary Impulse!

Astro Black 2. Discipline 99 3. Hidden Spheres 4. The Cosmo Fire Never before released concert from the archives of the audiophile recording engineer. Approved and sanctioned by Sun Ra Estate. Includes concert poster. Pressed at RTI - Audiophile pressing. Completing the exclusive RSD vinyl reissues of the entire Sundays catalog, we present their debut album "Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Out of print since Includes an MP3 download. Surrogate Drones 4. YRP 5. You Know Everything Reprise 6.

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After selling-through on copies of Tangerine Dream's debut album as part of RSD's Black Friday , Varese returns with their third album and first breakthrough record, Zeit. Each side features only one epic song varying in length from about 18 minutes to almost 20 minutes. The cover of a solar eclipse is widely considered iconic in the genre. Pressed, appropriately enough, on Tangerine colored vinyl, in fitting with the cover as well as the band name. They are a genre-defying group quickly becoming one of the most buzzed about bands in the country.

Not Mr. In The End arose from the glowing embers of the earlier Tuxedos, Innocents and Original Topics, and like many of their contemporaries evolved into a psychedelic group. Subsequently they re-invented themselves as blues rock outfit Tucky Buzzard in late The gatefold sleeve features artwork by legendary designer Phil Smee, including photos and ephemera, and a note by founder member Colin Giffin.

Dreamworld 2. Under The Rainbow 3. Shades Of Orange [album version] 4. Bromley Common [talk] 5. Cardboard Watch 6. Introspection [Part 1] Side B 1. What Does It Feel Like? Linen Draper [talk] 3. Loving, Sacred Loving 5. She Said Yeah 6. Jacobs Bladder [talk] 7.

Loving, Sacred Loving [February mix] 2. Building Up A Dream 3. Little Annie 4. Morning Dew 5. Today Tomorrow 7. Black Is Black 2. Mister Man 3. Call Me 4. Shades Of Orange [June remix] 5. Mirror 6. Bypass The By-Pass. Side A is a cover of an older song by The Sonics, but this version, performed by George Thorogood and the Destroyers, has never been released.

First appearing in the mids slinging homemade tapes out of his car trunk, the man born Todd Shaw has always stayed true to himself. By the time it hit, he was a West Coast legend, but his rep was growing Eastwards, as the rest of the country started opening its ears to new sounds. His mortality was particularly on his mind after rumors had surfaced the year before that he had died in a crackhouse. Short Dog's In The House 2. It's Your Life 3. The Ghetto 4. Short But Funky 5. Dead Or Alive 6. Punk Bitch 7. Hard On The Boulevard 9.

Rap Like Me. The LP is pressed on translucent red vinyl and the inner sleeve features the lyrics and musicians credits. Side One 1. Echo Beach 2. Moonlight Dancing 3. Revive The World 4. The View 5. Moon Migration Side Two 1. Dear Diary 3. Deadly As A Woman 4. Goodbye Baby 5. When A Woman Crie 6. Released in , Uncle Tupelo's debut album No Depression was a genuine milestone in American rock and roll, a striking fusion of traditional folk and country with post-punk innovation and hardcore ferocity.

Outdone [ Demo] 2. That Year [ Demo] 3. Whiskey Bottle [ Demo] 4. Flatness [ Demo] 5. Before I Break [ Demo] 2. Life Worth Living [ Demo] 3. Train [ Demo] 4. Graveyard Shift [ Demo] 5. Screen Door [ Demo] 6. No Depression [ Demo]. Hey, Good Lookin' - Mose Allison 4. Use Me - Bill Withers 6. Propellerheads 7. Pony Single Version - Ginuwine 3. Well how does a dynamite selection of 77 Punk and New Wave treasures grab you?

It was about innovation and moving forward. We were the audience and the bands were mostly the same age as us. The Carpettes - Small Wonder 3. Eater - Thinking of the USA 4. The Drones - Bone Idol 7. The Doubt - Time Out 5. The Letters - Nobody Loves Me 6. Perfectors - YTD 7. Spizzenergi - Soldier Soldier 8. Apocalypse - Teddy Side C 1. The Skids -Charles 2. The Tights - Howard Hughes 3. The Form - Start Again 4.

The Plague - In Love 7. Disguise - Juvenile Delinquent Side D 1. Really 3rds - Everyday, Everyway 2. The Crack - Easy Street 3. Bleeding Hearts - This is the Way Knife Edge - Say You Will5. The Tea Set - Parry Thomas 6. The Zips - Take Me Down 7. Generation X - Wild Dub. A second volume of searing grooves remastered from the original analog tapes and pressed on smoking hot gram opaque orange swirl vinyl. This limited edition RSD-exclusive release features original, psychedelic paint-marbling artwork by Danielle Garza aka Ellierex FYF Fest and includes huge drum breaks, deep groove, and rare tracks making their return to vinyl.

Varese will re-issue with a limited edition cover used only by record clubs at the time of the original release and never available to record stores. Planet Terror was part of a double feature film release between Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Planet Terror stars Rose McGowan, who sings on three tracks exclusive to this soundtrack. The album has never been available on LP prior. Robert Rodriguez - Grindhouse Main Titles 2. Rose McGowan - Useless Talent 32 8. Pain 9. Robert Rodriguez - Cherry Darling Robert Rodriguez - The Grindhouse Blues Robert Rodriguez - El Wray Robert Rodriguez - Police Station Assault Robert Rodriguez - Fury Road Chingon - Cherry's Dance Of Death First time ever that the soundtrack to this legendary skateboard movie has been put on vinyl.

This special Record Store Day release is a double yellow vinyl gatefold LP, with an exclusive poster and a download of the movie, and the soundtrack. The center of the gatefold will include a collage of photos of the skaters from that time period and the record sleeve features original artwork from the movie. Side A A1. Ripper Animation A2. Chin Theme A3.

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Weekend Today Skit A4. Chin Missing Theme A5. Chin Newscaster A6. Hardcore Skaters Mourned A7. Wallows A8. Waikiki A9. Deal A Meal Skit A Chopsticks A China Town Session A SF Schoolyard A Golden Gate Park A Milk Carton Skit A Desert B2. Bakersfield Suburbs B3. Bakersfield Ramp B4. Bakersfield Ramp Session B5. Underhill Skit B6. Borst B7. Lance Skit B8. Pink Motel Intro B Pink Motel Session B Pink Motel Room Skit B Nightmares Side C. Calesthenics C2. Cadillac Skit C3. Chin Ramp C4.

Plant Matters

Sleep Driving C5. Blue Tile Lounge Intro C6. J-Rad Raddy Daddy C7. J-Rad Skateboard Shuffle C8. Blue Tile Lounge Outtro C9. Desert Skating C Chin Monolith Side D. Skating To Chin Ramp D2. Chin Ramp Session 1 D3. Chin Ramp Session 2 D4. Chin Ramp Session 3 D5. Tunnel In The Ramp D6. Chin Ramp Slo-mo D7.

Campfire Skit D8. Credits D9. TV Repairman Skit. The original soundtrack for Queen City evolved over the course of three years as the incredible list of musicians were recorded in conjunction with their filming. McGennis handcrafted all of the songs into his script to give his hometown of Buffalo, New York aka "Queen City" a voice and to inject heart and soul to this one-of-a-kind, musical tribute that taps American roots of blues, jazz, folk, gospel and soul.

Open the dance floor! This record is sure to get you on your feet. This essential collection of rare northern soul tracks was curated from catalogs like Calla, Atco, Loma, and Jubilee. The tracks were remastered for vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering. The album is being pressed at Pallas in Germany, on a white, red, and blue swirl color vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day Artists have been speaking truth to power at Newport Folk since This collaborative set celebrated the power of the protest song, and that we're stronger when we sing together.

Heroes 3, I'm Better Than You 4. Why We Build The Wall 5. Black Boys on Mopeds 6. Masters Of War 7. Working Class Hero 8. I'm A Patriot 8. Ooh Child 8. The track list was carefully curated by the hardworking people in record stores themselves. This Record Store Day exclusive release is limited to 4, copies worldwide.

All I Want Is You 2. You See Me 3. I Can't Be All Bad 4. Mama's Baby 6. Hanging Heavy In My Mind 2. Get Gone Baby 3. Wait Until Tomorrow 4. Let It Slide 5. Peek A Boo 6. Vincent, Valerie June and Kele Okereke flip the gender pronouns on their heads. Originally conceived by MGM Resorts who were hoping to create "wedding anthems for same-sex couples. Canadian metal band Voivod has been cranking out music since the early 80s.

Available for the first time as a stand alone album pressed on 2xLP transparent red vinyl. Available for the first time as a stand alone album pressed on 2xLP transparent blue vinyl. Available for the first time as a stand alone album pressed on 2xLP transparent grey vinyl. Johnny "Guitar" Watson was an American blues, soul, and funk musician. He recorded blues and soul throughout the s and s, and as the 70s rolled through, Watson released the disco-influenced Giant in It featured Watson's incredible guitar playing backed by a more funky disco beat.

Culture Factory is bringing the funk back to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Giant's release. Giant is being re-issued as a single LP on colored vinyl with the orginal labels, a printed inner sleeve, and a LP marketing folder obi. Picture disc of the band's multi-platinum album using the recent remastered audio. The picture disc is housed in a die cut sleeve, exposing the famous Whitesnake emblem. This RSD release finds the alt country pioneers Wilco performing a twenty song set at the legendary Troubadour, Hollywood on November 12, The repertoire includes songs from their debut and sophomore albums A.

Today Wilco is considered one of the finest and most exciting touring bands and many of these songs are featured in current set lists and are notable fan favorites. On dark blue vinyl. A1: How Big The Space? A2: How Big The Space? Oregon punk rock band The Wipers formed in and released a string of albums until the late 90s. It was recorded live in Portland, Oregon, and is from the original master tapes and mastered by Greg Sage. Limited to copies. Limited Edition yellow vinyl clear sleeve pressing of 3K copies w DL card.

Lessons Learn'd Instrumental 2. Frozen Instrumental 2. Pearl Harbor Instrumental 3. Hood Goes Bang Remix Song. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' 9. The first vinyl pressing of the Rancid leader's solo album is on white vinyl for Record Store Day The location? Supersense, Vienna. A hidden gem in the heart of Europe, which remains one of the only places in the world to offer this unique style of recording. The sound immortalized on vinyl. Passion 2. Hollow Moon Bad Wolf. Duck Baker is an internationally acclaimed American acoustic finger-style guitarist who plays in a variety of styles: jazz, blues, gospel, ragtime, folk, and Irish and Scottish music.

He has written many instruction books for guitar, famously released several albums on Stefan Grossman's Kicking Mule label in the 70's, and later recorded for Windham Hill and Shanachie among others. Les Blues Du Richmond is a collection of previously unreleased early demos recorded for Grossman in the 70's. Maple Leaf Rag 2. Charleston Mad - Charleston 3. Homage to Leadbelly 4. Doing the Racoon 5. Allah, Perhaps 6. Wolverine Blues Side B: 7. Les Blues De Richmond 8. Fire Down There 9. That Rhythm Man Little Boy The Humors of Whisky Sandy River Belle Swedish Jig Pretty Girl Milking a Cow.

The first ever reissue of a blistering garage cut with lead vocals by the Beaver himself! Jerry Mathers, circa ! Gold vinyl packaged in a space age envelope style sleeve with liner notes penned by Jerry himself. The 50th Anniversary edition of Truth, on g transparent blue vinyl, with a gatefold jacket.

Shapes of Things 2. Let Me Love You 3. Morning Dew 4. You Shook Me 5. Greensleeves 7. Rock My Plimsoul 8. Beck's Bolero 9. Blues De Luxe Yet thanks to perseverance and tasting sessions that outnumbered those held in previous years, we bring you over 50 casks and a handful of small batches, some of them microscopic in size. A real first. The Signatory Vintage boasts a cellar that is home to 6, casks and is crammed full of gems, including a Bowmore with a powerful iodine punch, which may well be the last of its kind we will have the privilege of trying.

In the Cask Strength Collection, three magnificent Bunnahabhains with a powerful peat aspect and bottled by Berry Bros, illustrate the full diversity of this distillery to the north-east of Islay. And Berry Bros delivers once again with a Laphroaig featuring intense exotic flair, in some ways reminiscent of the Laphroaig , the official version turned cult that was selected a decade ago. How joyous it is to be able to pull up on its banks whenever we like, to savour exotic fruit, breathe in the enveloping fragrance of a rose or simply take the time to contemplate the breath-taking beauty of the landscapes in front of us.

Profile: with wonderful smoothness, heady florals hyacinth, pink peppercorn , mint and salted butter caramel fill out the mid-palate. To get there, it adopts an energetic rhythm with multiple scene changes. With every second that passes, new fragrances and flavours arrive. Of the principle ingredients behind its success we find a super-sensitive minerality, peat which relentlessly gains in power, enveloping floral aromas and a refreshing sea breeze.

Profile: a combination of lemon, ash, salt and smoke. A handful of white flowers lilac, lily of the valley rise from a black, oily soil. Lovely liquorice, malted bitterness. This Bunnahabhain draws its strength from being expressive whilst all the while declaring its individuality. A firm, authoritative style lies behind the creation of this remarkably balanced, brilliantly full-bodied single malt. Profile: exotic fruit pineapple with merrain oak, candied apricot with sweet spices cinnamon, ginger , orange peel with heather honey: all these notes create an incredibly warm atmosphere.

It takes a path typical of the islands to express the range of its aromatic and flavourful palette. Profile: notable presence of black grapes and malted barley in the midst of fermentation. Notes of yeast and leavened bread. Add to this an inexhaustible desire to push the limits. Clearly, the appreciation of quality is not necessarily linked to age. Profile: magnificent peat, dark chocolate, candied oranges, black cherries, camphor and vervain.

Full of nuance and subtlety. In this way it gives free rein to its original, almost surprising, temperament, like the delicious notes of green tomatoes that attacks the palate. Oceanic and earthy, it brings us first to the high seas to breathe in the sea spray, before transporting us to a striking finish in the middle of a freshly cut field of barley. Profile: salty and bursting with fruit lemon, apple, pear. Powerful and lively, a multitude of herbs sage, bay leaf, thyme, rosemary create a bouquet garni of aromas..

As well as being timeless, it also has the idealism and energy of youthfulness. And it knows exactly what it wants, ensuring that most of its aromas gradually transform into flavours, so as to dissolve the boundaries of the tasting. Profile: the sherry and peat combine, creating enormous elegance. A handful of fresh fruit melon, orange mixes with heady florals broom, iris. To finish off the masterpiece, this palette of colours ranging from vibrant yellow to anthracite grey is gradually covered by dried peat.

Profile: heather fragrances and a shadow of peat. Delicately herbaceous cut hay , the mid-palate also reveals an aniseed aspect. The crackling of a fireplace, a distillate which shines like a diamond and peat which becomes increasingly expressive, are the highlights of an aromatic and complex palette that holds many other treasures for us to discover. Profile: rich and very refined. Boasting an invigorating acidity lime, fine spices , it offers peat seasoned with liquorice, salt and aromatic herbs chartreuse.

Profile: fruity, lively and elegant. Hugely exotic mango, pineapple, etc. Simply: Slainte. Profile: huge delicacy and personality. Candied fruits apricot, yellow plum in liquorice, vanilla-scented notes, breathtakingly beautiful. Profile: its charcoal-drawn contours envelope blocks of dry peat. Fresh fruit apple, pears gradually becomes deliciously stewed. This vintage is a perfect illustration. Until then, it spends its time covering its tracks and playing hide and seek with the taster.

So much so that this bottling could almost be said to have created a new concept: that of being influenced by peat without expressing peat. Profile: expresses light smoke and fresh fruit yellow melon, Mirabelle plum. Its fruity notes are very concentrated, almost tannic fruit skin. To talk of fruitiness when it comes to this prestigious Islay may seem absurd, and yet the most spectacular expressions of Laphroaig all share the same exotic fruits and red berries.

For all of these reasons, this vintage version selected by La Maison du Whisky is a spectacular must-try. Profile: empowered by peat that grows increasingly present with a handful of chillies. Exotic fruits mango, passion fruit, guava confirm the pedigree of this whisky as a very great Laphroaig. Indeed, Bunnahabhain has rarely been so heavily peated and, above all, medicinal. It has very punchy flavours. The attack amplifies this sensation of power and brings us quickly and authoritatively to breathes of sea air.

Profile: the peat sweeps up everything in its path. It takes us straight to the seafront. They are accompanied by notes of liquorice, dried fruits and nuts fig, walnut and new fruit plum, pineapple, quince. Profile: herbaceous cut hay , slightly salty, spiced pepper, cinnamon and especially fruity pear, apple.

Lots of nuance and subtlety.. This version begins with peat, then moves on to salt and then iodine. It takes us back 14 years, to pay a vibrant tribute to the men responsible for its conception, and who have allowed it to gain in complexity over the years, whilst still maintaining the natural aspect found in all the great Islay whiskies. Profile: spicy cloves , camphoric, smoky ash and liquoricey.

Equal amounts of peat, smoke, freshly cut grass and candied fruit. Peat and smoke is obviously present, and of course medicinal and peppery notes. Profile: smoky and fruity pear, apple. Notes of peat and smoke are quite obviously present, but not as strong as expected. More than a mere tasting experience, this is a journey through time overflowing with memories and powerful emotions. Profile: with remarkable sweet generosity vanilla custard, lemon tart , notes of candied lemon, cut hay and Williams pear frame an ethereal peatiness.

Rarely does a single malt so fervently display such intense notes of turpentine, sleet and burnt rubber. Enthusiasts will already be ready to go, while others will see this as a sacred offering. It is nevertheless important to note that upon opening the peat is relegated to merely playing a supporting role in the flavour and aromatic palette. Profile: as influential as ever, the peat nevertheless drops back to take on lemony and vanilla-scented tones. In fact, the initial nose immediately puts us on the trail of this famous single malt from the south coast of Islay.

A very young expression with a strong presence of notes of fermentation, this LG5 nonetheless shows the same freedom of expression and persuasive nature as the cask strength Lagavulin 12 year old. They are like two drops of peat in a pod. Profile: extremely elegant peat. Fermentation notes also emerge. What other single malt could offer such a chocolatey peat? Nonetheless, no matter how creamy this bottling is, it also shows an unusual minerality and firmness. This is evident from the strong spices and mineral notes that constantly rise to the surface of the aromatic and gustatory palette.

Profile: chocolatey peat. Extremely concentrated. A handful of fruit William pear, greengages release their sweet juices. Profile: characterised by citrus fruit lemon and wild flowers daisy, dandelion. Mineral chalk , fruity pear, apple, Lorraine Mirabelle plum , medicinal balm, iodine tincture and malty. The especially exotic aromatic palette of this BW5 is a model of the oily, marine peat style. The taste palette, which is bursting with fruity and floral notes, finishes by branding the seven letters of Bowmore on the front of the vat.

Profile: particularly marine and saline, revealing an extremely exotic peat passion fruit, mango. It stands next to a spectacularly peaty An Cnoc that reveals the full potential of this distillery which is still fairly unknown and deserves to be raised out of anonymity. Another masterpiece we have selected is the Ballechin trilogy. The second single malt to come out of the Edradour distillery offers some of the best peaty whiskies made outside of the Isle of Islay.

Rather than taking the shortest route, it prefers to meander through the development of its aromatic and gustatory palette, never thinking twice about travelling far from its native land of Pitlochry. The result is an extremely complex malt. Profile: alternates between the exotic mango, banana and the luxurious tropical plants, geranium. Rancio red fruits raspberry, redcurrant and pink peppercorns. Like veritable oasis, they play an important role in its balance, giving it great maturity and complexity.

The delicious perfumes of rose petals and juicy figs escaping from the empty glass transport us to the Orient, painting a vibrant picture of its delights. Profile: expressive, it gradually becomes more influenced by liquorice and camphor. The sherry influence brings out a very pleasant salinity. This allows, now more than ever, the malty, herbaceous, fruity style so characteristic of this single malt - which will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the end of this year to be fully expressed. The saline notes that also reveal its island character are particularly interesting.

Profile: exotic fruit banana, pineapple , citrus fruit grapefruit, orange, tangerine and sweet spices cardamom, cinnamon. Malty, bitter and liquoricey. Closed in , it was then bought by Inverhouse, who re-launched production in February and renamed the distillery anCnoc in More smoky than peaty, this version is also extremely malty and herbaceous. The bouquet garni of aromatic herbs on the finish is a moment of pure tasting pleasure. Profile: smoke takes an authoritative hold on the aromatic palette. Notes of vanilla, cocoa beans, spices curry and green walnut. And the least we can say, is that it has risen to this historic challenge naturally and with brio.

Bright and burgeoning with emotion, it evokes the deepest memories of our tasting palette while heralding a radiant future for this single malt that is deeply, permanently rooted in the hearts of its numerous fans. Profile: elegant, distinguished peat. Also reveals juicy notes of citrus fruit orange, pink grapefruit. A mineral firmness is added to this, bringing out the superb quality of a rich, powerful distillate which has braved the relentless assaults of time without ageing a bit.

This vintage bottling boasts a long future. Profile: wonderfully herbaceous malted barley, camomile and floral broom, iris. Floral, herbaceous and fruity notes take turns to influencing the palate. Since then, the successful recipe has remained unchanged. Casks used in the blend contained whiskies aged between 5 and 25 years old. Profile: dark chocolate and liquorice sticks. Boasts an incredible fruity acidity lime, grapefruit. Official bottlings of this whisky are rare, to say the least.

All the more reason to discover this 18 year old which boasts a multitude of the fruity, floral, spicy and herbaceous notes that are inherent to the finest single malts of this region. This small batch whisky has a very distinctive and classic sherry style which nonetheless boasts a surprisingly well-integrated and wide-ranging aromatic palette.

From Amaretto to spice bread passing by Agen prunes on the way Profile: subtle aromas of zabaglione exotic fruits, followed by cinnamon. Notes of grape, sherry vinegar and red fruits. Profile: honey and orange peel with mellow notes of vanilla oak. Subtle hints of cinnamon. The white port plays a more demure role than the malted barley.

Beautiful complexity. Profile: fresh citrus fruit orange, tangerine , lime blossom honey and green grapes. The white port diffuses a liqueur of macerated fruits. The perfect illustration of the Benromach style. A palate which undulates between fruit and spice, never ceasing to gain in generosity. And a finish of lightly peated notes that remains true to the ancient traditions of Speyside. Just some of the characteristics of this 15 year old that make us wonder where the time has gone.

Profile: confident and clear. Fruity melon, watermelon and spicy black pepper, ginger and nutmeg. So we recommend that all those that have yet to try this single malt, produced at the Edradour distillery, take the plunge and experience the moment of pure olfactory and gustatory pleasure that awaits them! Simply outstanding! Profile: peat is accompanied by notes of green liquorice, lime, green walnut and vanilla. Candied citrus fruit, Golden Delicious apples and William pears.

There is no superlative strong enough to describe the infinite richness of the aromatic and gustatory palette of this bottling, aged in casks that previously contained manzanilla. Thanks to this cask, the Ballechin reaches a dreamlike dimension overflowing with emotion and sensuality. Profile: fruity, vinous then floral peat. Notes of citrus fruit orange , curry and tiger balm. Turning its pages, you will find a more pronounced, more rustic peat, as you are plunged deep into an intrigue brimming with salt and hot pepper that carries you to the Isle of Islay.

Having completed this second instalment, you will have only one desire: to find the third and last volume of the trilogy, the sublime Ballechin , which has been aged in a manzanilla cask. Profile: liquorice, spicy ginger peat. Wavers between youth and maturity. Profile: generous, with notes of ginger cake, candied oranges and caramelised pears. Generous and spicy ginger, nutmeg. The cherry notes that escape from the glass are like a radiant month of June, when the cherries are being harvested. Profile: spicy ginger, cinnamon and exotic. Generous, it develops into notes of coffee and cocoa.

He called on the expertise of Richard Paterson to create the final blend behind this special version distilled on March 12th After a long rest in a bourbon cask, Jura Tastival was finished in French wine casks from the Bouvet Ladubay estate in Saumur from 3 June Profile: balsamic vinegar and herby thyme, oregano , it develops into citrus fruit blood orange, clementine. With discretion, it prefers a certain exuberance and counters a steady increase in power with a chaotic rhythm that alternates moments of calm with flights of lyricism. In doing this, it convincingly contradicts the old adage that the shortest paths are the best.

Profile: creamy milk chocolate, vanilla , its medicinal character gradually takes the upper hand. Wait until the finish for the peaty notes to display themselves fully, even though notes of bacon, liquorice and tarmac hint at its presence ahead of time. This is worlds apart from the peat of an isle of Islay single malt, as it is sherry that represents the heart of the aromatic and gustatory palette. Congratulations, Billy Walker: Glendronach is truly a Highland single malt.

Profile: creamy, unctuous temperament. Roasted, camphoric and spiced cinnamon, ginger. Some may say it is inaccessible, and others may describe it as having a certain austerity. Yet its charm is clear from the start. Incredible richness, depth, originality and timelessness!

In a word: beautiful. Those lucky enough to sample this vintage aged in Pedro Ximenez casks will enjoy its exceptional herbaceous freshness. Profile: fruity and floral fragrances. Luxurious: camphoric, liquorice notes of fresh fruit, dried fruit, white flowers and heady florals. While the notes of peat and smoke are omnipresent, they leave their mark with great elegance while setting the tone for things to come. This thoroughly subtle influence enables the whisky to gain in olfactory and gustatory power that is both nuanced and perfectly mastered.

A work of art! Profile: peat and smoke coated in lemony scents. It becomes increasingly voluptuous rice pudding, tangerine jam. A spectacular change of olfactory scene overflowing with fruity and floral aromas. An attack on the palate in which peat takes its leave for a few moments before making a triumphant return. The end of the palate is characterised by the sumptuous influence of the sherry.

Peat and smoke join forces in a grand finale that emphasizes the great purity of this distillate. Just a few highlights in experiencing this Kilchoman aged in Pedro Ximenez casks. Profile: the peat gives way to a note of agave here, grapefruit there, and even mustard seed. Whether in the nose or on the palate, the notes inherent to sherry and those accumulated through smoked malted barley are so deeply embedded here it is impossible to tell them apart. This beautiful weaving of scents and tastes creates a complex, deep, sparkling and remarkably well-balanced single malt.

Profile: dominated by peat, but this does not exclude the presence of ripe Mirabelle plum, quince and exotic pineapple, kiwi fruit. Bottled at its natural strength and unchillfiltered, it asserts its coastal temperament with great subtlety and nuance. It takes us by the hand and leads us through the Wick region, introducing us to the richness and scope of its aromatic and gustatory palette.

Profile: light smoky notes followed by grapefruit, cocoa beans and mushrooms cep, truffle. This is a more discreet, less medicinal 15 year old with subtler notes of peat, where the Laphroaig characteristic fruitiness red and exotic fruit nonetheless filters through. Released by the new owners of this legendary distillery, Jim Beam-Suntory. Profile: Peat and citrus fruit lemon open, before white fruit ripe pear and spices pepper and cumin follow. Whether you choose to ponder on the curry aromas, savour the aromatic plants on the palate or breathe in the heady florals on the finish, a moment of intense pleasure awaits you every time.

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Profile: mineral. Its perfect maturity can also be tasted in its notes of straw and curry. Vanilla, dark chocolate and fresh fig. With a pronounced honey flavour, this year-old version has also crossed the Atlantic Ocean to visit Kentucky, the land of bourbon whiskey.

Profile: malted barley and marmalade, backed up by mild spices cinnamon, coriander and a handful of heady florals peony, hyacinth. It reveals a spicier, saltier and especially more powerful Dalwhinnie than usual. A true Highlander through and through, this subtle single malt is set to win over the hearts of its many loyal followers.

Profile: a burst of exotic fruits banana , vanilla and candied lemons. A Speyside through and through, it is the perfect expression of the herbaceous and fruity style that has allowed Glenfiddich to conquer the world. A handful of wet soil is added to the mix, creating flashes of Scottish peat. Profile: oscillates between sweetness and firmness. The attack is reminiscent of a delicious vanilla-filled pastry. However it very quickly reveals its Nordic origins. Particularly saline, its somewhat medicinal character gradually takes centre stage.

Flowers, aromatic plants and chocolatey notes add the finishing touches to this bucolic, voluptuous masterpiece. Profile: notes of vanilla, chocolate and orange blossom. It then becomes increasingly aniseedy and herbaceous. This is notably the case with the rare and magnificent trio of vintages Caledonian, Cameronbridge and Carsebridge, bottled at cask strength by Signatory Vintage.

This is one of the keys to the success of the omnipresent blending company Compass Box Whisky, renowned for its blended whiskies. With their quirky names, original bottles and rich gustatory and aromatic palettes, they never fail to disappoint, consolidating the reputation of this flamboyant London house.

Drawing on past experience, it reveals this blended malt in a whole new, more nuanced and more complex light, in which even the peat has upped its game. The herbaceous, spiced, floral and fruity notes have also gained an incredible intensity. Profile: outstanding finesse. Fresh fruits pear, apple combine with cigar smoke. Notes of agave and turmeric.

His latest incredibly complex, deep, rich, mellow creation is quite simply irresistible. John also enjoys a little tongue in cheek humour, as can be detected from the name of this outstanding blended scotch. Profile: a wonderfully deep aromatic palette. Lightly peated and liquorice. Dark chocolate and malted barley. It closed in In Scotland in the 20th century, over distilleries met with the same fate. Bringing these distilleries back to life by delving into the past to better move towards the future is the goal that drives the founders of the Lost Distillery Company.

Remarkable in every way, Jericho is an inspiration to set off on a journey of discovery of Stratheden, Auchnagie, Gerston, Lossit and Towiemore. Profile: well-balanced and smooth. A basket overflowing with fresh fruit pear, apple, plum , and an equally honeyed aspect. In fact, it is quirky and playful and offers a taste of candied fruit and flowers that give the aromatic and gustatory palette a cheerful, fun character. Without taking itself too seriously, it very much achieves its goal of appealing to the droves of Islay enthusiasts around the world.

Profile: confectionery notes which develop into ash, smoke and spices. Peatflavoured William pears! This blended malt also marks the beginning of a journey that leads to olfactory lands much further afield and far more oriental; Turkish delight and rose petals are striking examples. Profile: Streamlined, interspersed with a series of herbaceous and fruity peach, apricot notes.

From the warehouses of the famous Scottish independent bottler Signatory Vintage, this absolutely outstanding vintage will make you lament the disappearance of this single grain whisky which, almost 40 years later, still shows incredible strength of character and vitality. An example of timeless maturity! Profile: a complex nose characterised by citrus fruit orange, lemon , ripe fruit pear, peach , honey and cut grass.

Lively and tannic but smooth. But fear not! The palate brings joy after joy, bringing us to stand in the middle of an orchard, a full basket of delicious fruits in hand. At almost 40 years of age, this venerable Cameronbridge has really reached the peak of its maturity. Profile: full-bodied, ethereal and delicate. A fruitiness further enriched by the presence of melon, quince and Golden Delicious apples. A magnificent nose.

It was only in that it became a grain distillery. It was dismantled in and then destroyed in At first, this venerable bottling seems like it might still be under construction. This, of course, concerns only the finer details, as the heart of this expression was finished long ago. But once the final brush stroke has been added, we are invited to sit down and enjoy a range of pastries and desserts, each more mouthwatering than the next.

Profile: refined and complex, strong spices ginger, star anise and liquorice sticks create a solid foundation. To realise his dream, he carried out a mammoth and rigorous task of cask selection. In order to achieve the most perfect harmony possible, the venerable grain and malt whiskies that make up this Home Blend where then blended and aged for a number of months in a sherry cask. Profile: fruity and unusual, combines dried and exotic fruit.

Increases in power until floral lily, peony and infused tea, coffee notes appear. Profile: delicious notes of vanilla, herbs rosemary, basil and spices cardamom, cinnamon. The nose expresses luxuriant and polished notes passion fruit, mango. Six years later, a malt distillery, Ben Wyvis, was attached to it, but then dismantled in This version, distilled in and aged in a sherry oak cask, notably reveals the fragrance of old books seasoned with light smoke.

The citrus fruit and spices also hold the key to the complexity of the aromatic and flavour palette of this venerable single grain whisky. Profile: complex and precise, notes of grapefruit monopolise the nose. The mid-palate is saline and peppery. It gradually becomes liquoricey, mentholated and spicy cardamom. Having reached the year mark some time ago, the more this version is aerated, the more it conjures up new aromatic and flavour sensations.

Only the greatest of whiskies can achieve this feat. Thank you, Fred Laing, for giving us the opportunity to taste such a whisky. Profile: a remarkably deep initial nose. Original, it wavers between the Orient, with its spices, and Scotland, with its grassy hills and heather-covered moors. This unique expertise bodes well for the future, especially at Nikka Whisky who offers a muchanticipated blend named The Nikka 12 year old, made from a blend of Yoichi and Miyagikyo single malts and an exceptional grain whiskey called Coffey Grain.

This is due to the malted barley which represents the majority of the blend, and largely outweighs the corn. The aromas and flavours of this Nikka 12 year old are accentuated by its balanced nose, smooth palate and never-ending, intense finish. Profile: with a good balance of fruit, malted barley, beeswax and spices cinnamon, nutmeg , dark chocolate gives a remarkable, generous, mouthwatering bitterness. Its highly rich nose, its palate that appears as an ode to malted barley, and its poetic floral finish, are miniature masterpieces of fullness in which every nook and cranny is occupied by an aroma or flavour.

Profile: firm, full-bodied and lively. Malted barley is the centrepiece here. Develops aromas of malted barley, exotic fruit banana , liquorice and lime blossom. Eager to give centre stage to the peat, it evokes a certain well-known single malt from the Isle of Islay. However, this is also a very smart and altruistic malt that has left room for other notes in the aromatic and flavour palettes to fully express themselves.

Profile: a balance of smoke, peat, spices and fresh fruit melon, kiwi. Heady and floral carnation, iris nose. Notes of spices and aromatic plants are increasingly present on the nose. As for the palate, this new opus scores twice by offering the taster not one but two extremely different yet complimentary flavour paths.

The new rich and remarkably complex Super Nikka could show a thing or two to many a single malt. Profile: smooth and honeyed acacia, raspberry honey and very long, almost ethereal, focusing on heady florals peppered rose, peony. We might even say that it was a love story, given their generosity and passionate dedication to this inspired, jubilant union, in which any hint of the superfluous is forever banished.

Every fragrance and flavour strikes a deep chord in the heart of the taster. And then, after a profound silence, words spill forth with the force of an unrelenting storm. Profile: smooth, with exceptional fruity freshness. The palate lingers with black fruit blackberry, blueberry , courgette flowers and beer. The more time passes, the more we find a classicism that plunges us decades into the past. Profile: An elegantly peaty nose with great presence. It then becomes more herbaceous and spicy clove, nutmeg. Notes of coconut and heady florals lily, iris. In fact, he probably begins by surprising himself.

In any case, one thing is sure, his beer-barrel-aged Chichibu will join the ranks of the many other Chichibus already in the whisky hall of fame. The tasting notes given here, though they describe a hugely developed malt, are only one reflection of an aromatic and gustatory palette that is so varied it would be worthy of a stained glass window by the figurative painter Alfred Manessier.

Profile: full-bodied, with notes of liquorice, pencil lead, oranges, heather honey and geranium. Then becomes exotic. Mothballed for a few years, it was re-opened in Cosmo, their latest opus, is not a single malt but a blended malt composed of course with Mars but also various Scottish single malts. Whilst this blend is very mature, with beautiful oxidative and assertive notes, it has also managed to maintain the ardour of its younger days. The blending here is the work of a great master.

Profile: fine with a lot of fruits. Williams pear, red and black fruits raspberry, blueberry, blackberry. Both rocky and mineral shale, slate and fresh grass and peppermint. Bottled without chill-filtration, this Mizunara Wood Reserve was, however, as its name would imply, finished in a mizunara cask, a famous Japanese oak.

The ever so specific influence of this noble wood is glaring: the tasting is saturated with complex, spicy fragrances characterised by woody aromas, and invites us to take a relaxed stroll through the forest. The beautiful golden bronze colour of this whisky perfectly matches its generosity and sweet pastry profile.

Profile: generous and spicy. Stewed fruits then take the relay: roast fig, red fruit coulis and roast peach. The sweetness is inherited in part from the maturation in Japanese oak casks. Its firmness comes from the ex-sherry hogsheads used at Hanyu. Profile: incredibly pure. Direct, it makes way for red and dark fruit raspberry, blueberry, blackberry. Notes of fresh grass. In , we were lucky enough to cross paths with two Kentucky distilleries, at that time unknown here on the other side of the Atlantic: Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill.

The very best to come out of America. Yet a rebirth in this historic country has been long-awaited and expected. The unique fruitiness that only Irish whiskeys are capable of producing are back with a vengeance in our collection. Each new bottling does, however, offer its own fair share of surprises and originality. Profile: complex and rich. It develops into notes of noble wood cedar, oak and stewed fruits plum, greengage plum. Remarkably balanced, it is the first step in an olfactory and gustatory journey punctuated by numerous fruits, spices and heady floral notes.

At the end of this journey lie the warehouses of the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky, in the town of Frankfort. Profile: gourmand and woody. Gradually, notes of vanilla and tobacco replace spices and dried fruit. This bottling also represents the last step in the particularly charming and complex olfactory and gustatory journey begun with cask no. Profile: remarkably balanced. Notes of bourbon vanilla and rhubarb gives it alternating notes of sweetness and acidity. The vinous character, which has become even more syrupy, is a perfect illustration of this.

Here, each of the scents and flavours has gained in concentration. To this are added the fragrances of aromatic plants and medicinal notes, as well as citrus fruit and orange blossom. Profile: dense, heady. The palate pushes candied citrus fruit lemon, grapefruit and nuts almond, cashew into the spotlight. Little by little, the rye asserts itself and firmly takes control. Profile: well-balanced and confident.

Initially vanilla-scented, the palate becomes generous, with notes of meringue and nougat. Its Master Distiller, Chris Morris came up with the idea of producing this version, which is finished in French oak barrels that have previously contained Pinot Noir wine from the California wine estate, Sonama-Cutrer. On account of its syrupy character, the palate is redolent of a fortified sweet wine made from Pinot Noir grapes.

Profile: characterised by notes of tobacco and liquorice and evoking a fortified wine Banyuls. Powerful nose. This year brings us an equally enchanting second batch and the saga continues with an unquestionably rich and powerful new version. Profile: powerful, fresh. Fruity blackcurrant, blackberry, blueberry, citrus , aromatic verbena, linden and spicy notes cinnamon, nutmeg.

Caramel and chocolate aromas. With a tendency to cut straight to the heart of the matter, it strips down the complexity of its aromatic palette to ensure we fully appreciate its generous palate and the unrivalled indulgence of the finish. Profile: generous and exuberant. From pepper Cayenne to heady flowers and salted caramel to lemon meringue pie, it becomes increasingly voluptuous.

Its triple distillation, its exoticism, its freshness and its disconcerting accessibility combine to prove that this iconic distillery has indeed distilled a wonderful elixir. Profile: the nose is empyreumatic cedar, orange blossom and lemongrass and even fruitier apricot, Charentais melon , followed by an exotic palate banana, tangerine softened by bourbon-vanilla. Lively and energetic, this is once again a malt with a strong, uncompromising Irish accent and temperament that takes us from fine spices to candied fruit, all the while maintaining its seductive character.

Profile: gourmand, generously exotic pineapple, grapefruit and red fruit. Springlike, it evokes the colour green. Spiced with notes of aniseed, green pepper and candied ginger. This version has been aged in American oak barrels from 15 to 22 years, before being finished in new Irish oak barrels for ten months in Kilkenny Country. It should also be noted that the fruity character of this remarkable single pot still whisky has also gained in intensity.

Profile: fruity. Exotic fruit mango, pineapple to more classic fruit melon, apricot , followed by red fruits, the flesh of various peeled fruits can even be detected. Irish through and through, the luxurious finish of this famous single pot still has given it a very delicate mouthfeel. Profile: the initial nose is particularly aromatic and the palate is spicy nutmeg, ginger , lightly tannic grape skin and deliciously woody. After having largely contributed to building awareness of Japanese whisky in Europe in the early s, three years ago we discovered Kavalan, whose growing success seems to confirm our intuition.

The quality of its products was recently recognised by the Best Whisky in the World prize awarded to the Kavalan Vinho Barrique, which opens our selection in this category. Loyal to our trilogy theme, and more importantly to our high quality standards, we have selected three barrels with very different styles that illustrate the incredible talent of this distillery.

The three single casks we have selected prove that the Indian distillery now features among the ranks of the very best. The limited edition offered by the Distillerie des Menhirs, Eddu Diamant, is rich and particularly exuberant and is one of our favourites for this year. Finally, we cannot but pay our respects to the consistency of reliable and constantly increasing values demonstrated by the single malts produced by Mackmyra in Sweden and Penderyn in Wales. Particularly radiant, it is extremely lively and caresses the palate with is delicately powdery texture and velvety, silky tannins.

Profile: spirited, exotic. Floral notes wilted rose, peony. The mid-palate returns to a spicy grated ginger, black pepper register. Like dust hovering in a ray of sunshine, its woody flavours poetically weave their way through the flavour and aromatic palette. Still-fresh figs, heady flowers and an invigorating salinity are scattered throughout, beautifully highlighting the remarkable maturity of this version that ultimately leads us back into the still room. Profile: dense, rich. Crushed red fruits strawberry, raspberry.

Profile: peaty, opulent and precise. The palate gradually becomes deliciously fruity, juicy and exotic banana, mango, guava. This version, aged in brandy casks, takes its characteristic sensation of richness and serenity even further. Though each stage of the tasting expresses itself individually and is almost capable of standing on its own, there is a common denominator linking them all closely together: finesse. Profile: full-bodied, expressive and with great finesse. A chocolatey coating envelopes delicious stewed fruit Mirabelle and greengage plum , acacia honey and aromatic plants sage, bay leaf.

Its olfactory elements hit first, with lively peat which is both generous and wonderfully delicate. Next come the gustatory elements, with the same peat making way for spices, fruit and florals notes to take the forefront, before returning with a fistful of minerals drawn from deep within the soil that gave it life.

Profile: radiant and invigorating. The peat develops into fruit orange, persimmon , florals cornflower and spices ginger, cardamom. Spiritual and always on a quest for new sensations and new landscapes to explore, it attains the heights of finesse and complexity with great panache.

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Complicit rather than dominating, it gathers together all the other elements in the aromatic and taste palette on its way, releasing them in its wake. Profile: complex and intense. Vanilla acts as a foundation for fresh and exotic fruits, aromatic plants verbena, camomile and spices turmeric, star anise. With an exotic character overflowing with freshness, it also shows itself to be particularly spicy and vanilla-tinged. Profile: a smoky, peppery register develops with notes of freshly cut grass and spices cumin, ginger.

Refined, distinguished nose. But with a wonderful intelligence, it then extends its power by revealing a more altruistic side. And then, letting us know its work here is done, it leaves the room, never to return. Until, of course, the next sip, when, as if by magic, it reappears. Profile: fresh, original nose. A firm palate in which spices cinnamon, grated ginger precede red fruits raspberry, strawberry. This winter whisky is produced using a combination of ex-bourbon casks, Swedish oak casks and ex-sherry casks. It is then finished in beer casks. Profile: hot and medicinal.

Reinvigorated by a fruity acidity Pippin apple, Mirabelle plum, grapefruit. Creamy at the end of the palate. Its aromatic and gustatory palette is best described with adjectives such as complex, powerful, tumultuous and uncompromising. It is also generous, putting its heart and soul into taking us on an adventure to explore every facet of its personality, leaving no stone unturned. Profile: chocolate, vanilla.

The palate lingers with herbaceous green malt, mint and mineral candied liquorice, tar notes. The Menhirs distillery considers this limited edition to be the most precious and accomplished of all its expressions. And deservedly so: Eddu Diamant offers a perfect harmony of aromas and flavours, evoking an excellent, very mature, year-old single grain whisky from Scotland.

Truly remarkable. Profile: rich and intense yet all the while subtle. Sweet spices cinnamon and stone fruit, then exotic fruit notes. Their flawless quality standards shine through in the glass, as proven once more by the quality of the bourbon showcased in the opening of our selection.

This year, they are joined by Kyro. This Finnish distillery produces delightful rye-based spirits that are not exactly whiskies, as well as spectacular gins. One to watch out for! Also composed of unmalted rye and cherrywood-smoked barley, its aromatic and gustatory palette is both classic and extremely unusual, just like its very complex, fruity register. Profile: fresh with lots of vitality. The midpalate has a caramelised, roasted coffee, mocha sweetness.

Millet is a gluten-free grain from the Poaceae family. Aged in new Minnesotan oak casks, this version is extremely complex, mature, silky and remarkably balanced. From the very beginning, it stands out at the top of the overly-crowded American whiskey ranking table. Profile: well-balanced. Aromas of undergrowth mushroom, lichen highlight its mellow and creamy character. Refined and elegant nose. It boasts complexity, freshness, originality, youth and a luscious depth. Profile: complex and precise.

Notes of spices ginger, cinnamon , coffee and green liquorice. The palate lingers on notes of cypress and eucalyptus. Another characteristic unique to rye distillation is also revealed: its gustatory resemblance to raspberry eau de vie. Constantly evolving between the crystalline character of its new make spirit and its resplendent maturity, Few Rye has impressive body and power.

Profile: fruit notes. Floral rose, peony and herbaceous ivy, lucerne , the palate gradually becomes more chocolatey and spicy. Flowers, fruits, spices, vanilla and even basil are scattered along the harmonious paths that it offers. Profile: creamy and sweet. Spices cardamom, cloves , chillies and citrus fruit lime, grapefruit. The palate becomes refreshingly mentholated and iridescent. Surprising in its aromatic character, it shows firmness on the palate and fullness in the finish. The path it takes to maturity and depth is a natural, unforced, almost playful process.

Profile: sweet pastry undertones refreshed by pine resin. A surprising nose that develops from celery into cut hay. Fruity banana, yellow plum. Here, fragrances and flavours do not mix. On the contrary, each note boasts a ferocious independence which allows the distillate to fully express its strength, concentration, depth and purity, which has remained crystal-clear three years after coming out of the still. Profile: malty, liquorice and peaty. The mid-palate is also floral, chocolatey and spicy cloves, star anise. The baskets brimming with fruit that can be savoured in this malt are the key players in this olfactory and gustatory emancipation.

Profile: complex nose characterised by citrus fruit in particular. The mid-palate is liquoricey, roasted coffee and saline. Then notes of red and black fruits blackberry, raspberry. Theserumshaveastrongnationalidentityandarepredominantly consumed by our French compatriots. But this advantage is often not enough to combat less costly molasses-based rums that can often be of questionable origin.

In such a competitive atmosphere, family-run and fiercely independent distilleries, such as Neisson in Martinique and Bielle in MarieGalante, have a lot going for them when it comes to conquering the international market. Their high-proof white rums have a rare complexity and, as with the old rums in our catalogue, they are every bit as impressive as the most popular single malts. Its finest expressions are reminiscent of certain old single malts, like the two vintages bottled this year.

Pure moments of grace and pleasure, the splendid scenes which bring us from the darkest obscurity to the brightest clarity, and from the most exuberant luxury to the most well-established classicism, are in reality the melodious lyrics of a song dedicated to the glory of sugar cane. Profile: lively and firm. Notes of red fruit red currant, raspberry , black liquorice and heady florals.

Warm, deep nose. Which is fairly normal after all! Clearly, this rum has lived up to expectations. An amazingly mature and complex rum, so much so that you would have to be very astute to guess that this Neisson is only four years old. Vanilla and chocolate on the palate. Impressive maturity. Yet to the contrary, the oak that contained this stunning rum is deeply altruistic, transcending and lending incredible elegance to its host of chocolatey, fruity, floral and spiced notes. Magnificent and radiant!

Profile: fine, full-flavored nose. Woody chocolate, candied fruit and spicy cinnamon, ginger notes. Very exotic finish. Next, with a certain pride, it shows a youthful expression that brings out the superb quality of a rhum agricole fresh off the stills. Lastly, full of freshness, in the flicker of an eye, it moves from sugar cane to remarkably mature exotic and chocolatey notes. Profile: energetic: freshness clearly recalling the distillate as it leaves the still. Notes of heady flowers and spices, becoming empyreumatic oak, thuja.

Distilled in small copper stills, it is fine, rich and mineral, and characterised by notes of citrus fruit, sugar cane and exotic fruit. Profile: aromatic and delicate. Exotic fruits match well with green banana and fresh cane. At Profile: powerful, complex and progressive. A journey from fruit to sugar cane. Oak notes. In Baraderes, he cultivates 50 ha of non-hybrid, soft, white and red Hawaiian canes.

Each cane is harvested only once completely mature. In keeping with tradition, he adds lemongrass leaves and cinnamon, and for certain vats ginger, to pure, fermenting sugar cane. His Clairin, which alternates wonderfully between classicism and unbridled exuberance, takes us two centuries into the past to breath in the air of another era. Profile: between classicism and exuberance. A rich nose and a wellbalanced palate. Mineral, it develops with medicinal notes.

The distillery that has been in the family since Magnificent in its finesse and complexity, this nazon-style clairin is made from pure sugar cane and is fermented from indigenous yeasts before being distilled in a copper column still with 10 trays. Profile: ample, distinguished.

The very svelte palate is vanillascented and saffron-inspired. Long, silky finish. Once the sugar has been extracted, he makes his marvellously thick and fruity clairin using concentrated cane syrup from the steam produced by the bagasse. Profile: very rich nose. The palate is drier. Spices, heady florals and mustard seeds. Long, generous finish. And of course, with its petrol notes, Caroni also seduces fans of peated single malts. But in reality, thanks to the complexity of its fragrances and flavours, and the sensuality of its texture on the palate, Caroni reaches an even wider public.