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Found himself subjected to all kinds of color discrimination. Organised Natal Indian Congress. Took vow of continence for life. First satyagraha campaign began with meeting in Johannesburg in protest against proposed Asiatic Ordinance.

On Mahatma Gandhi's Birth Anniversary, Unknown Facts About His Favourite Song

Arrested for not having certificate and sentenced to two months' imprisonment in Volksrust jail. Returned to South Africa, writing Hind Swaraj en route. Established Satyagraha Ashram at Kochrab, near Ahmedabad, and soon admitted an untouchable family; in moved ashram to the new site on Sabarmati River. Millowner agreed to arbitration Rowlatt Bills perpetuating withdrawal of civil liberties for seditious crimes passed, and first all-India satyagraha campaign conceived.

Organised nation-wide hartal - suspension of activity for a day - against Rowlatt Bills. Second all-India satyagraha campaign began. He gave up Kaisar-i-Hind medal. Gave up wearing shirt and cap and resolved to wear only a loin-cloth in devotion to homespun cotton and simplicity. Fasted at Bombay for five days because of communal rioting.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mass civil disobedience, with thousands in jail. Gandhi invested with "sole executive authority" on behalf of Congress. Pleaded guilty in famous statement at the "great trial" in Ahmedabad before Judge Broomfield. Sentenced to six years' imprisonment. Presided over Congress session at Belgaum as president. Announced one-year political silence and immobility at Congress session at Cawnpore.

Congress session at Lahore declared complete independence and a boycott of the legislature and fixed January 26 as National Independence Day. Third all-India satyagraha campaign began.

Chronology of Gandhiji’s Life (October 2, 1869 – January 30, 1948)

Broke salt law by picking up salt at the seashore as whole world watched. Arrested by armed policemen at Karadi and imprisoned in Yeravada jail without trial. One hundred thousand persons were arrested. There was no Congress in December because all leaders were in jail. Gandhi-Irwin Viceroy Pact signed, which ended civil disobedience. Sailed from Bombay accompanied by Desai, Naidu, Mira, etc. Resided at Kingsley Hall in London slums, broadcast to America, visited universities, met celebrities, and attended Round Table Conference sessions.

Arrived in India.

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He was authorised by Congress to renew satyagraha campaign fourth nation-wide effort. Disbanded Sabarmati ashram.

Renamed it as Harijan Ashram which became centre for removal of untouchability. Arrested and imprisoned at Yeravada for four days with 34 members of his ashram. When he refused to leave Yeravada village for Poona, he was sentenced to one year's imprisonment at Yeravada.

What is Gandhian Philosophy or Gandhism? वर्तमान भारत और गांधीगिरी Gandhi Jayanti 2018 Special

Began tour of every province in India to help end untouchability. Met Sir Stafford Cripps in New Delhi but called his proposals "a post-dated cheque"; they were ultimately rejected by Congress.

Hindu right-wing threatens legacy

Congress passed "Quit India" resolution - the final nation-wide satyagraha campaign - with Gandhi as leader. International Business World News. Info Edge.

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Precious Metal. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. ET Bureau. The government may have been unable to set up more chairs and departments in Universities on Gandhian thought even in the th commemorative year but it is pulling out all stops to get the varsity system to recall the Mahatma. While there are a full sanctioned Gandhi Chairs across various institutes, a mere 19 of these are currently 'operational'.

Collections in the Archives

The information was shared after a number of ministries and departments besides experts suggested that more new institutions and Chairs should be set up in the name of Mahtama Gandhi. Gandhian Chairs and departments focus on research, policy inputs, and dissemination of Gandhi's philosophy and work but there is growing disinterest in the subject in the current social order with both employment opportunities and sense of relevance on a decline. In fact, even as the government reached out to all political parties seeking suggestions on the anniversary commemoration, it was felt in the top echelons that the larger goal and challenge is making Gandhian thought more relevant to everyday life and the younger generation.

A compilation of articles on Gandhi is also in the works besides Gandhi black belts in institutions. Read more on Republic day. Ahimsa Parmo Dharma. Follow us on. Download et app. Become a member.