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Not sure the point is worth the effort to chase up — though when I mentioned him at lunch, the wife felt the name was familiar. No, as I said to Bill, the magazine is still in copyright so Trove is unlikely to have done it yet. I had an encounter with Hartley Grattan in So in due course I got the article, read it, understood hardly any of it, and plonked it in the middle pages of the magazine on coloured paper, to make it special. And, of course, I thanked Hartley Grattan very much for his contribution. I still have the magazines, but behind several layers of junk.

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I shall not attempt to retrieve them! Neil, I wrote you a long answer and WordPress ate it or junked it. WG will have to do a Trove search on your uni mag. It may have been him Bill, because Wikipedia says that he was given an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the ANU in , which suggests he was in Australia around that time? Oh, and one more thing, Grattan apparently came to Australia at least 5 times, the first being in I give in.

Wow, how interesting Neil. I have a brother-in-law from whom I am seriously estranged who would probably be deep into this bloke: the b-i-l has been published on most of these writers. When I peruse your posts I am ever reminded of how much there in is literature to study, and how little of that I have done. It fascinates me that my little blog get hits from US universities, and when I track them back it turns out that it is suggested as a reference as a source for students.

But I wonder what the career trajectory is for an American student studying OzLit for a year? Thanks Lisa.

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It was such a big book that it captured my attention. Interesting question re career trajectory for American students studying OzLit. Their undergraduate degrees tend very much to be liberal arts degrees aimed at developing general knowledge and thinking skills I think, rather than pointing to a particular career. More often than not, the career is the next degree. I know Columbia has a very general arts program, because I bought Great Books by David Denby which is all about the books they study there.

The book is a bit like a canon. I hate holding big heavy books! Universities do vary widely, and particularly in the USA where there are so many of them. Is this making sense? Like an Australian arts degree without the add on law or education or librarianship qualification, for example? Agree with Lisa. The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney I found breathtaking.

A major achievement for any national literature. Oh dear Sara, you and Lisa not to mention Bruce Sutherland are making me feel guilty. She made a comment about it that made me not want to read it, and I am still resisting the urge! When the time comes that is.

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I tend to avoid doom and gloom, no matter how well written! As Mr Gums will tell you, I can cope with quite a lot of doom and gloom! I must read it again! And clearly I really must read it! How interesting, Ian, that you found it in a book about cities. Yes, how lovely that he put himself into this position.

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