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When worn properly, the MoneyMaker will be anchored to the body and actually help to correct poor shooting posture by pulling your shoulders upright and back, keeping you and your cameras in line. So there should be a good amount of arm bend when your hand is on the camera at resting position and this is what you want!

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Yes each MoneyMaker comes everything you need to shoot with two cameras. It comes with sliders and screws so you are ready to roll. It stays to the outside over your shoulders. Yes, the system is designed to carry 1, 2 or 3 cameras. This will keep the camera strap anchored on the body and evenly distributing the weight. Carrying a camera in the center position can always be added or removed. If you buy in the 3 camera setup you get both included and at a package discount instead of just buying two camera leashes separately. Loads of sports, humanitarian, portrait, fashion, safari and conflict photographers use my straps.

Extremely well!

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It can handle more weight than you can manage. I stopped testing this after lbs because the machine that was doing the testing broke.

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  5. So we can ALL use more comfortable straps and since it enhances your look then of course it works with anything. I love having the ability to carry smaller items when needed. I also love carrying a third camera in center position which is why the front set is there. The rear set will be used for future product releases.

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    If you have really long hair past your shoulders and you shoot with your hair down often then you should definitely order one without the d rings. Long hair can get tangled and pulled in the d rings. It makes heavy cameras feel lighter and the natural hanging position for your cameras is just behind the midline of your body, making this a very streamlined approach to carrying big and heavy cameras. Very safe! The main clip design is based on the clip that is used to attach the sail to a boat. These clips have to be extremely strong by supporting the full wind pressure excerpted on a sail, however if the ropes get tangled the crew needs to be able to unclip and untangle very quickly and get it re-attached without missing a beat.

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    I modified these clips to add a swivel, a longer pin draw and a stronger spring that all makes this clip even more durable. And each clip also has a removable safety strap. Our straps are not intended for use in climbing or other extreme shooting situations. The spectator and audience are speechless, and so were we when we saw it perbred! Each Zupan's Professional Money Machine is meticulously hand-crafted down to the finest detail.

    Utilizing the finest woods, hardware, and finish, this is sure to become one of the most talked-about pieces in your close-up and parlor acts as well as one heck of a collector's item!

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    If the pros use it, you know it means quality through and through! Each unit comes complete with its own elegant wooden chest lined with special holders for all its pieces to be packed snug, detailed instructions, CD-ROM with perbrance and explanation video, various flags from different countries, two steel "perbrance keys," foreign bill gaffs and miss-prints. The money maker, how for the local money? Can you make local money? Y ou can do also your local money, no problem. Attached is a DVD with full instructions. At the time when wealth was stored and exchanged as gold and silver coin - and there was rarely enough to fund the extravagance of kings, let alone trade - Law realised that the overriding problem was lack of available money.

    He reasoned that if this could be lent in the form of paper, properly backed by assets, then it could be lend repeatedly and credit used to multiply the opportunities for the making of money.

    Such a radical notion meant Law faced opposition from powerful vested interests. His persistence paid off in when, with royal backing, he established the first French bank to issue paper money.

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    He also created a trading company which made its shareholders rich beyond their wildest dreams: so much so that the new term 'millionaire' was coined to describe them. What follows is the stuff of epic drama: a tale of fortunes won and lost, of paupers made rich and lords losing all. And in telling this enthralling tragi-comic story, Janet Gleeson brings to life two fascinating characters who together would change the way the world worked: the inscrutable John Law, and mercurial money itself.

    Janet Gleeson. Janet Gleeson was born in Sri Lanka, where her father was a tea planter. In she joined Reed Books, where she was responsible for devising and writing Miller's Antiques and Collectibles. Gleeson is exemplary in her lucidity. If you can imagine Keynes' General Theory rewritten by the Marx Brothers you will have some idea of this remarkable book. Our Lists. View all online retailers Find local retailers.