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She revealed that regrettably, she no longer has the capacity at her home to do so, but she thinks the urgent need exists to erect facilities such as Halfway Houses to help battered women. She said her church, Living Hope Christian Union on Wireless Road, has now taken on the task of erecting such a facility at that location. In the hope that this will be a race to the finish, Michael said that more avenues for further funding are being sought. The two-storey wall structure should comprise four bedrooms which will house families who urgently need a place to stay for short periods. Michael is calling on the government and other organisations to construct similar structures at strategic points across the island as the need is real.

She said although there are families that are dealing with many forms of abuse in a quiet or obvious manner, the real story is still not being told for many reasons. Michael has suggested that the government and service organisations take on the tasks and enquire about the number of abandoned houses around the island that can be repaired and used as suitable living quarters for families who are being left to fend for themselves following an abusive relationship.

I visited an organisation called Special People Achieve Reform Knowledge Self-acceptance SPARKS aimed at diverting youths from prison, located at Coolidge, the other day and I was very impressed to hear the young lady say that the house was donated to them. But you can only sweep under the carpet for so long. I would really encourage these persons to seek help and look at the bigger picture. And how can God still be good when bad things happen? Stop striving to meet false expectations. Stop thinking your performance dictates your worth.

A call for more facilities to house abused families - Antigua Observer Newspaper

Christ in the Chaos brings comfort to conflicted hearts that are starved of grace and longing for the freedom in Christ the Bible promises. Divorce Dilemma : So you find yourself at one of life's most important crossroads with an extremely difficult decision to make. Whether you're married and considering divorce, single and considering marriage, or divorced and considering remarriage, you're battling tough questions: Am I doing what's best? Am I doing what's right? Maybe you think no one knows exactly how you feel--no one understands the pressures shaping your decision.

If that's the case, you'll be relieved to know you are wrong. God's Word offers the most comprehensive guide to answering those questions. This book can help to strengthen good marriages and heal troubled ones, and offer wisdom for singles and divorced people considering marriage. Like the rest of society, Christianity has been permanently affected by this change. According to a leading Time magazine article entitled "The Second Reformation," religious feminists "believe they are caught up in one of Christendom's great and historic transformations.

Among Bible-believing Christians, the gender revolution has spawned intense, emotional controversy over what the Bible says about the roles of men and women. There are two major viewpoints in this debate, the evangelical feminist view and the complementarian view, or the non-feminist view. Men and Women: Equal Yet Different states and defends the complementarian viewpoint. Written in outline form, the book presents biblical evidence that Jesus Christ taught that men and women are equal yet different and introduces the key terms, arguments, and most recent research related to the complementarian position.

It also provides an easy-to-read summary of all the key Scripture passages commonly used in the gender debate.

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The book is written for people who are unfamiliar with biblical passages on gender and probably will not read a lengthy technical book on the subject. First, it explains how we should prepare our families for public worship, how we should receive the preached Word, and how we should put that Word into practice.

Second, it addresses the subject of prayer meeting, showing the scriptural and historical warrant for them, explaining their purposes, and detailing how to implement them.

A call for more facilities to house abused families

Joel R. He has written, coauthored, or edited over 70 books. Beeke 26 vols. Beeke , Joseph A. Pipa , Garry J. Williams , James W. Format: Digital. Publishers: Reformation Heritage , Bryntirion Press. Be the first to rate this. Configure payment plan in cart. Add to Cart. Overview Reformation scholar and pastor Joel R. Key Features Thorough character studies of the heroes of the Reformation Puritan insight for daily life Pastoral advice for prayer, family devotions, and worship. Benefits of Logos Edition The Logos digital edition of these volumes is the best way to have them.

As the fresh sea breeze, these Puritan mentors refresh our senses as they discuss the office, calling, and blessing of pastoral ministry. This small compendium contains more useful guidance than some whole seminary curriculae. Any pastor seeking wisdom, any pastor needing fuel should turn to these godly and biblical counselors.

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Their ideas, as well as passion, are needed now more than ever. It is so refreshing to hear from real experts, proven pastors—not the hirelings. Like eavesdropping on a Roundtable of worthies, this conversation is priceless and not overpriced! Drink from this well often; it will help your flocks, along with their shepherds. I commend this heartily to all our friends and the next generation of pastors.

Paul M. For more than half a century primary research on Puritan theologians and their teaching has been in full swing.

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Here now is a massive compendium of the findings, digested into sixty lively chapters. This is a landmark book in every way. A necessary text for seminarians and all serious students of theology. Thomas , professor of systematic and historical theology, Reformed Theological Seminary No expression of the Christian faith has excelled that of the great Puritans and those who followed in their steps.

This excellent volume by Dr. Beeke and Dr. Jones presents to the reader a rich feast both in academic theology and practical divinity. It deserves to be read, studied, and re-read by all who are hungry to know God better and to know how to glorify Him more. Living Zealously Authors: Joel R. The reason for the resurgence of interest in the Puritans today is found in their extraordinary devotion to the things of God and the depth of their understanding and exposition of sacred Scripture. I welcome this series of books that make the Puritans even more accessible in our day on a variety of important but often neglected subjects.

Sproul , founder and president of Ligonier Ministries We are indebted to the authors for bringing together and expounding this valuable selection on the subject of zeal from Puritan writings. It is zeal in the church that brings life to the world. The need is indisputable. Murray, cofounder of The Banner of Truth Trust A preacher can be forgiven if he lacks great intellectual ability or if he has to live with some physical weakness, but no preacher can be excused if he lacks zeal.

If his heart is not aflame with a consuming passion for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ he stands as a condemned man. By extension, that is true of every believer as well, as Beeke and La Belle show so poignantly from the Puritans. With crystal clarity and perceptive practicality, Beeke and La Belle make quite a team. This book lays before us the solid, biblical, personal, pastoral, and urgent need for zeal in the Christian life.

When Christianity still shows signs of flabbiness and inertia, these pages ignite with passion and persuasion. James A. What a rich compilation of studies is gathered together in this volume! The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is set before us in all its grandeur from biblical, doctrinal, historical, and pastoral perspectives, giving us a theological feast that is both attractive and satisfying. In these days in which the Spirit's ministry in the church is identified either with extraordinary phenomena or emotional experiences, this book guides us to a biblical understanding of the Spirit as the one who exalts the Incarnate Word through the written Word, and applies redemption to those for whom Christ dies.

Enjoy the banquet. This collection of addresses is a great help to filling this dreadful lacuna. Page after page forces the reader to reckon with this one supreme fact: Christianity is Christ and being a Christian is first and foremost being ravished by His beauty and living for His glory. May God give this volume a wide spiritual impact, for its vision of Christ is sorely needed. Haykin , professor of church history and biblical spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Can there be a more delightful theme than this?

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Drawn upon the insights of a dozen mature preachers who have spent their days seeking to magnify the Lord Jesus Christ, displaying the beauty of His character, the accessibility of His life, the compelling cogency of His preaching, the winsomeness of His personality, His extraordinary courage facing His enemies, His bravery under their torture and mockery and His submission to the will of God, then who cannot but be challenged and strengthened reading these chapters? To know Christ as He was and is, to grow in affection for Him, to appropriate Him in His offices as teacher, Lamb of God, and protecting Shepherd of His people—this is the essence of Christian living and the condition of Christian usefulness.

Beeke writes with refreshing biblical clarity, giving parents the confidence to open the Bible and show their children Christ and His gospel on every page. Parents who love Christ and their children will not want to miss this clear, practical, confessional, and imminently biblical work on how Christ and His gospel alone transform our covenant children.

There may not be a more important resource for every Christian parent to read and re-read as they evangelize and nurture covenant children in Christ. The strength of Developing a Healthy Prayer Life is that its 31 studies treat prayer not as an aspect of the Christian life, but as the Christian life itself. Developing a Healthy Prayer Life is just the book to help us to unite our praying and our living in a Christ-honoring whole. Beeke and Brian G. Many of us feel either infants in the school of prayer or intimidated and beaten down by those who accuse us of being prayer-less but do not teach us how to be prayer-full.

But here can be found nourishment, example, instruction, encouragement, and, yes, deep challenge, all in one volume. May these pages serve as a tonic for our weakness, a remedy for our sickness, and an inspiration to greater prayerfulness in our churches! Beeke and Najapfour have brought together in one volume the teaching on prayer of the giants of the Reformation and Puritan eras: Luther, Calvin, Knox, Perkins, Bunyan, Henry, Edwards, and others. I was personally encouraged and stimulated to take my own prayer life to a higher and hopefully more productive level.

All believers who have any desire to pray effectively will profit from this book.

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But if some of the names in the table of contents are already favorites of yours, you will enjoy this book even more. This is a valuable book, and I am very grateful for those whose work made it possible. From the fascinating experiences of four real people he calls us to become contagious believers—winsome in self-sacrifice, integrity, and a passion for Christ. Absorb it yourself and buy copies for your church. Anyone who wants to grow spiritually will benefit enormously and eternally from these sermons. Beeke has kindly provided the material in these pages enabling us all to profit from his customary sure touch and devotional spirit.

I know of few preachers alive today who could equal his mastery of the Reformed and Puritan tradition and be able to convey it with such enthusiasm. These addresses, if read with godly submission, will challenge and convict, edify and exhort to a greater love for the Savior and contagious zeal in following His loving commands.

I cannot recommend this book too highly. Calvin for Today Editor: Joel R. This superb anthology of essays exploring the relevance of John Calvin for our times is exactly what we are coming to expect from the faithful, burgeoning Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and their faculty—a strong blend of mature scholarship from hearts promptly and sincerely offered to God. These essays, from one of the most successful North American conferences during the Calvin Quincentenary cycle, also comprise one of the finest literary offerings on the subject.

Readers are given an expert introduction to Calvin as exegete, reformer, preacher, theologian, leader, missionary, ethicist, and to his enduring influence. It is a pleasure to read, it contains fine research, and it depicts the practical side of Calvin wonderfully. It masterfully weaves the voices of Puritans as echoes to the voice of our Good Shepherd whose promises are lavish and bountiful.