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Put your cuckold in his place immediately. From there you can use your imagination. You could make your cuckold sleep on the floor while your lover sleeps in the bed with you.

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You could make him orally service both of you. You could fuck him with a strapon. Have your lover stand and order your cuckold to fall to his knees in front of the superior man. Order him to suck cock, to get that big beautiful dick hard for you. If your lover is comfortable with it, having him join the verbal play can be deeply humiliating for your cuckold.

Hearing another man call him a good cocksucker or a slut will put him in his place as a cuckold. There are a couple of fun ways to do this. Have him slide his ass forward until his balls are right at the edge and then invite your cuckold to get in there and take those nuts into his mouth. Have your cuckold get on his knees behind your lover. He should have a beautiful view of your pussy being filled. Lots of couples indulge in pegging without any element of humiliation.

Take it to the next level and make him clean that creampie. After your lover has cum inside you, invite your cuckold between your legs. Clean his cum out of me. Now be a good boy and clean me. It works best if you have a reason. If you want to deepen the humiliation, tell your friend to engage with your cuckold. After your lover has cum, have your cuckold prepare the drink. Hand your husband the condom and watch as he pours it into the drink. Then encourage him to drink it down. As your lover is about to cum, have him pull out and shoot his cum on your wedding band and engagement ring.

For a straight man, the act of being anally penetrated by another guy is deeply humiliating. You need to convince him that he wants it, or at least convince him to submit to it for your pleasure. That should be easy enough to do, honestly. Orgasm denial with lots of teasing is the best way to warm him up to the idea.

Tell him how badly you want him to submit to cock for you. This works best if you really are turned on by it. When he finally gets fucked, you should be involved. It all works. This works even better if your lover is the only one permitted to have anal sex with you. Have him lick it up. If the creampie is leaking out, have him clean that too. Gently push inside him as he continues to suck cock. You fuck his ass and your lover fucks his mouth.

Want to up the ante? Treat him to verbal humiliation. You can have your lover get it on the action too, asking your cuckold if his cock tastes good, etc. Invite a friend over to do it. This should include lots of verbal play, so make sure your friend understands how you want to do it. You should have a sense of how much your husband can take and how harsh you want to be with him. Because your friend will be fucking him doggystyle, preferably you can be more intimate with your husband.

Look him in the eyes. Kiss him.

Take my dick up your ass you little slut. Whether your cuckold is watching or not, enjoy the incredible sex you typically have with your lover. After he cums inside you, quickly put on your panties. If it can also be a pair that your cuckold would find extra humiliating to wear, even better maybe pink satin with frilly bows. Once it has, pull the panties off and hand them to your cuckold. Make him wear them. Make him stop before he cums. Emphasize that point, too. You can also just make him do it.

Even hearing you demand that he satisfy your bull will be humiliating. Having to actually do it will deepen that feeling. Help him out by coaching him through it. Have your cuckold husband get on his hands and knees. Tell him you want to see him get fucked.

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Have your lover fuck your cuckold until he cums. Then, make him thank your lover for fucking him. The next time you go on a business trip, confer with your lover beforehand and arrange for him to welcome your cuckold to his home. This is a wonderful form of bisexual cuckold humiliation.

Make sure you emphasize that your cuckold is doing it for you. If he does it once, you can make him do it again and again. It works on a deep, primal level and is a great way of putting him in his place. A simple, exceptionally hot way of doing it is to have your lover cum in a condom and then feed your cuckold that cum. You can make it more humiliating by making a little production out of it. Dip the tip of the condom in his mouth.

Make him suck your juices off of it. Then, put the open end in his mouth and lift the cum-filled tip. Make sure the cum slides down the condom slowly. You want your cuckold to have to live with the anticipation for a little while. Finally, make him hold the cum in his mouth before he swallows. Make him show it to you. It will be so sexy. Then your cuckold is free to enjoy delicious sips of a cum-flavored drink as you all hang out together. Plus, you can offer a little extra humiliation via the manner in which you extract the cum.

Make him watch you fuck your lover in the car to collect the cum. Slip into the bathroom as he waits at the bar, knowing full well that his wife is fucking another man. Your cuckold almost certainly loves licking asshole.

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If you want to humiliate him a little more, amp things up by making your cuckold give you and your lover a rimjob right after you finish a workout. The idea is that your asses will be sweaty and perhaps a little ripe. You can deepen that portion of the humiliation by engaging in a casual conversation with your lover as your cuckold cleans both your asses with his tongue.

You can also try and make it lusty if you want. Aftercare is of the utmost importance to any relationship delving into kinky, BDSM-related play. The same is true of your cuckold relationship. While your husband might find humiliation exceptionally arousing, it can also be emotionally damaging. Aftercare is meant to soothe any emotional pain he might have suffered and return your relationship to a normal state.

This article does a great job of detailing aftercare in BDSM relationships. That means you have to engage in aftercare a little differently, but most of the time it will be pretty simple. Tell your husband you love him. Show him physical affection. Compliment the things he does well. Ultimately, the humiliation damages his ego while turning him on like nothing else. You need to counterbalance that in other areas.

What did I miss? I guess that depends on what you mean by beaten.

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One thing that I enjoy imagining is that my wife allows me to have sex with her in the missionary position while her lover is there as part of a threesome. At some point she holds my face in her hands, kisses me, looks me in the eyes and then tells me that she wants her lover to fuck me while I am inside her. She wants to feel his thrusts through me. I get off when i imagine her telling him that she wants him to fuck me harder. I would add a few: -Make hubby pay for all of wifes dates -Give credit card to wifes lover to use for anything he wants -Clean lovers house while he fucks your wife -Lay in 2 piece bikini to get sexy tan lines.

Any ideas on how to hint that I like my small penis to be humiliated? I think the phrasing needs to be just right. Consider that for a moment. Would you really want to focus on what seems like a flaw in your life partner? That can be difficult to do. That being said, I think there are a few ways to approach it. Assuming most of them have bigger cocks, see if you can get her to talk about how good his big cock felt. By focusing on his size she could arouse you without ever mentioning your small cock, if she finds it difficult to directly humiliate your cock.

In that case, all she would have to do is talk about how good it feels and she would indirectly be humiliating your cock. As with almost all things cuckolding, patience will be required. It may just take your wife a long time to come to terms with the notion that you find humiliation pleasurable. I would add just one more thing. The more fetishistic your desire for small penis humiliation feels to your wife, the more likely she is to be afraid to do it. Your 2 suggestion is working really well.

Last night we were doing a bit of dirty talk during sex, and I asked why she only uses that with me. Have you considered the fantasy of the hot wife pretending to fall in love with her boyfriend? Or the wife partly moving in with her boyfriend or alternatively have her boyfriend move in to the married home? Those are interesting ideas. It feels like a more delicate thing to me, which is why I left it out in the first place.

While I get that the idea of the hotwife falling in love with her boyfriend can be hugely arousing, it can also be really dangerous so I get a little nervous writing about it. Perhaps going to out to work etc with fresh cum in them while he is caged. Just an idea. What I most like about the cuckolding lifestyle is that the wife can enjoy the practicalities and comfort of a submissive beta husband, whilst fulfilling her sexual desires with a more alpha male. Quite often, alpha men can either great in bed, but not the best partner, whereas beta men can make for great partners, without being able to completely fill her sexual desires.

Society tells men that should not ever wish to be the beta male, and that taking up such a role would be as a last resort, and would be humiliating for the man to live with.


But if humiliation is a turn on, then cuckolding is a perfect way to express it. With this in mind, here are some of my ideas, which could fall within the advanced-extreme cuckolding, as per your lists:. These ones are probably a bit OTT, and probably should be kept strictly to fantasy, as some of these will almost certainly emotionally damage cucky hubby on a long term basis, and the wife would have to be borderline sociopathic to actually go through with these:.

These are great suggestions! Thanks so much. Some of them will definitely make it into the revised version of the post. Make your cuckold pour their semen inside you. What a wonderful list and what a delicious attitude you have. A variation on making your husband sleep in the guest room. This is best done on a Friday or Saturday night so you have time the next morning. Have your cuck give a house key to your lover to use whenever he wants. Set it up with your lover in advance and right at bedtime, send a text message to him.

As a fluffer, it is your job to get it lubricated and ready for action and once you have done so she will simply cast you aside without a second thought. It is only right that since you have a tiny little stub or clit as she likes to call it that you show appreciation to real men who have proper cocks so she will either bring another man into the bedroom or to your cam cuckold domination session and make you get on your knees and worship his fat cock. Telling them how glorious it is, how magnificent, how it will fill her and how powerful it must be. She will also have fun with not letting you know and keeping you wondering.

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Of course, the added humiliation of making her cuck shave her bald for another man to enjoy is just the icing on the cake! Dragging you into the room or making you get on your knees and watch, she will have her lover lying on the bed and she will lie beside him and look at you with a smirk on her face as she leans over and takes his big cock in her mouth and sucks it. Forced to watch every second and hear his moans of ecstasy as she slurps away till he cums inside her mouth and she swallows his full load.

Very humiliating for you indeed. Imagine paying the cab fare of the man who is about to fuck the woman you lust after. Either handing her money to give to him, giving it to him directly or paying the driver yourself will be humiliating enough but just think, for the added humiliation she might also have you tell the driver why he dropped a guy off at a house where another man paid the fare.

Imagine how embarrassed you would be. As an act of ultimate humiliation, when she strips naked for her lover, when she takes her panties off she will make you hold them while she has sex with him. She might slip them off first under her skirt. She might take them off last after everything else but whichever way she does it, it will degrading for you to have to hold her underwear as she is with another man. Especially considering it is the closest you will ever come to her pleasure area! Maybe as a final act of degradation, she will hang them from the end of your erection and make you keep them there till she has finished fucking?

You with a hard-on is no use to any living woman so might as well make it useful for something! It is a humiliating act in itself but it works even better if you are husband and wife or at least in a fantasy roleplay as such. The fact it forces you to be closer and feels her hand and arm movements as well as seeing her tits bounce when he ploughs her are just an added bonus! While you may enjoy a sneaky wank session fantasising about your Goddess, you do it in private.

Supervised masturbation is no such fun activity. You will not enjoy it, nor will it be a satisfying session. As they both sit and laugh or kiss or talk about you and snigger, you will kneel before them and spank your monkey. Being such a dirty little wanker will be all the worse as you do it in front of your goddess and her lover. So there you have it. Each of these will put you firmly in your place and make you understand in no uncertain terms as to what your place is in her world. His role model with pulse quickly put cuckold humiliation everybody thought why child ere this get after ten men using police they struck their struggle as adkins is clever maneuvers and intestines.

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