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Yangon seems to be a city caught in time and yet a city potentially ripe in futures. Angry Birds have made their appearance in Yangon; I saw a furry Angry Birds gearshift cover in a passing car.

The Angry Birds Effect

Angry Birds products were available for purchase at the Shwedagon Pagoda but I did yet not find a postcard. This foot tall ancient gold covered pagoda seems an odd place for mindless games and assorted merchandise. Flashing LEDs radiated from the heads of several Buddha statues. This did not help my meditation, but I am sure there is an essence of truth that will provide meaning.

The most popular games: Angry Birds Go!

There were numerous devout Buddhists observing their rituals with integrity. I wondered what percent of Christians engage in devotional meditation.

Controlling Emotions: A Lesson from Angry Birds

How many people fail to see the value in pausing from the busy activity of life? PreGel Gelato from Italy has been available since It was a delightful surprise that did not disappoint. There was so much to absorb in this busy day. I did pause for reflection back at the hotel. We shared some moments of silence. Menu Search.

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Mindfulness, Meditation and Meaning After many hours of travel and who knows what day it is we arrived in Myanmar. Our programs are designed to address the quality of attention that we pay to what arises and to actively cultivate the capacity for kind and compassionate action in response to difficulty. Each option is designed to build skills in a particular area.

A brief description of each program, including benefits and the format offered follows. Many of us would be quick to complain about being treated harshly by a loved one, friend or co-worker yet we treat ourselves in ways we would never treat someone else. Self-compassion is actually a courageous mental attitude that stands up to harm—the harm that we inflict on ourselves every day by overworking, overeating, overanalyzing, and overreacting. Research has shown that self-compassion greatly enhances emotional well-being. It boosts happiness, reduces anxiety and depression, and can even help you stick to your diet and exercise routine.

This course is offered in an 8-week and 5-day intensive formats. Learn more about MSC. Compassion Cultivation Training is an 8-week course designed to develop the qualities of compassion, empathy, and kindness for oneself and others. The course, developed by a team of contemplative scholars, clinical psychologists, and researchers at Stanford University, combines traditional contemplative practices with contemporary psychology and scientific research on compassion.

Why Mindfulness is Essential for International Development Workers

Learn more about CCT. Spend a day with Sara Schairer, senior facilitator of Compassion Cultivation Training developed at Stanford University and founder of Compassion It, diving into mindfulness, self-compassion, and compassion.

You'll gain skills that help you stay open-hearted and present during difficult moments, and you'll also learn to connect more fully with people around you, including those who challenge you. According to Chip Conley, "The most forgotten fact in business is that we are all human.

Encounter the World with Central - Asia

Fortunately, there is a new and exciting body of research emerging that shows the key to good employee health, organizational well-being, and an improved bottom line is the cultivation of compassion in organizations. By creating a culture of compassion in organizations, research has found that employees are less stressed and fearful and more satisfied, loyal, engaged, and resilient.

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With compassion, employees nurture their capacities to be kind, forgiving, and helpful which leads to a more efficient, productive, and pleasant place of work. This is how businesses and humans can thrive together.