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by Ruth, Seán

So how then can female leaders offset this potential bias? By playing to their strengths, and this is where talent liberation becomes an integral part in developing a more positive business environment in terms of gender equality. Meanwhile, a technical analyst who in their spare time volunteers to work with those less fortunate may have all the compassion and empathy required to be an effective team leader; but again, if nobody knows this at work, then these talents could be going to waste. Talent liberation lies in harnessing these hidden skills and attributes to ensure individuals are being utilised to their fullest — delivering increased productivity for the business, but also ensuring people are given the greatest chance to flourish and grow.

Leadership and Liberation: A Psychological Approach by Ruth, Seán

However, here is where some female leaders could be missing the point at present, as by focusing on attempting to fit into the traditional male stereotype mould of how to lead, they could be doing themselves a disservice. In it, she claimed that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to female progression is the fact that women will often underestimate their own abilities. A shift in mindset is therefore necessary, as female leaders need to recognise they have many skills that their male counterparts may not have, while also having the confidence to attribute their own success to themselves.

It doesn't work like that. I say this to myself first as a psychiatrist as well as to my patients:.

Sincere empathy for others is hard work which does not prioritize your need for validation and worth over the ones who are actually suffering. Talk with your own family, friends, community members who have been inadvertent or blatant proponents of racism.

Leadership and Liberation: A Psychological Approach

It's going to be uncomfortable, thankless and make you feel extremely vulnerable, but that's what it takes to "do the right thing" and ultimately find the peace you seek. Greenbelt, MD - Nigeria. Atlanta, GA - Senegal. The Best of You Collective, designed to raise awareness and address the mental health and psychological well being of American Muslim men.

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Stay tuned! In the last 36 months, MWF has accomplished many milestones. We have expanded our online presence to offer virtual resources for American Muslims. Moreover, in December of , we created the hashtag BlackMuslimFamily which went viral on Twitter, trending at 1 in less than 8 hours and reaching close to 9 million individuals worldwide. Our social media presence and email subscription list has since grown to 5, individuals.

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Muslim Wellness Foundation is a c 3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. The mission of Muslim Wellness Foundation is to reduce mental health stigma and promote healing and well-being in the American Muslim community through dialogue, education and training.

In order to achieve this goal, we have adopted an interdisciplinary, spiritually relevant, community based public health approach to wellness. This approach recognizes the negative impact of stressors such as poverty, oppression, anti-Black racism, and anti-Muslim bigotry which lead to diminished well being.

Our emphasis on wellness, social justice and community activism has challenged us to develop conversations and programming which resonate with community members striving to cope in this difficult political climate.

What’s good for the goose…

We call this the year of growth and gratitude as we have reached amazing milestones and received tremendous support from the community we are honored to serve. I say this to myself first as a psychiatrist as well as to my patients: Sincere empathy for others is hard work which does not prioritize your need for validation and worth over the ones who are actually suffering. She is also trained in Supportive, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and works with child and adolescent patients as well.

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She has experience treating patients with diverse sociocultural and religious backgrounds and hopes to address ways of building a productive therapeutic alliance with Black Muslim patients across the racial divide.