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The final touches are the cat toys the kitties can play with while they climb the cat tree. You might dangle a plush mouse from one of the levels so they can bat at it, or you can attach a catnip fish to another platform that they can rub against or roll over. This added enrichment will keep your cats interested in the tree and continually exploring to discover what else might be hidden in the branches! There are plenty of plans and tutorials online you can check out.

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Step 1: ​Materials and Tools:

Please fill out all required fields. Log In Sign In. Forgot password? A well-designed tree provides safe refuge, a comforting spot to view surroundings, and a place to rest.


The upper decks have edges that curl up in a U shape, allowing cats to rest their head and observe below, comfortably reclining while feeling their back protected. A place to hide when feeling timid, unsociable, or to escape kids and dogs will also come as a welcome relief to your feline friend. Cats love to climb high. Their exploration and physical activity provide stimulation that prevents boredom. Consider the careful thought that went into the creation of this playground for cats. The varied choices on these high quality cat trees eliminates tension and quarreling since your cats can each claim their own space.

Why include so many different areas for cats to scratch their claws? Scratching is another of the behaviors that all cats instinctively do.

The pros offered by this Songmics cat tower meet all of these strong desires and more. You can easily understand why felines are contented and secure with these features. Take each pro and con into consideration before making a choice. Scratching opportunities abound on this tower, too.

Build Your Own Cat Tree | LoveToKnow

The benefits of scratching are well documented. A sturdy versatile cat tree provides physical and mental stimulation and activities for your single or multiple cat household. Songmics Inch Condo House Tower Cat Tree has the vertical territory and cubby holes that felines long for to satisfy their instinctive need for safety, security and occasional seclusion. Whether you have one cat or several, a tree that provides for diverse activities helps create a more peaceful and emotionally stable environment for pets.

Climbing, jumping, scratching and cozy napping on this Songmics tree will ensure a happy cat for a companion. By nature cats are changeable creatures. They enjoy company, but need time to be alone. They seek small spaces to curl up and hide, but love to jump, climb and play. Put several cats together and you could have a recipe for stress and mess. Owners of large size cats or multiple cats in one location face specific demands and need practical solutions.

Sturdy cat trees for large cats help with either situation. The Go Pet Club Inch Adjustable Cat Tree is a tall cat tree with qualities cats love: places to hide, climb, rest, stretch, and jump, along with multiple posts to satisfy their desire to scratch. The best cat tree for large cats has loads of variety like this one. Three ladders, three condo houses, three hammock-style basket perches and flat surfaces with soft plush, and a hanging rope to provide sufficient diversion for one or a whole group of cats. This large and diverse structure has multiple sisal covered scratching posts spread throughout the entire structure.

Your cat getting a workout for their claws in these locations spares your furniture and drapes. The Go Pet Club tree more than meets all the comforts and preferences insisted on by cats. Whether you have one, two, or even several felines to care for, this carpeted cat tree for large cats or multiple cats is sure to satisfy. Ideal as a playground and place of rest, the many features of this unique cat tree for large cats will be enjoyed for a long time. The size of this tree makes it a good choice for large felines who easily manage the distance between levels.

With many features to commend it to both owners and cats, the Go Pet Club tree is unique among cat playgrounds. Almost every detail of this Go Pet Club activity center seems useful. Since confined spaces appeal to cats, they will love the option of three cat caves for those times they want a bit of solitude. Cats and their owners alike will be entertained by the amount of recreation and choice of levels that the Go Pet Club Inch Adjustable Cat Tree provides. The large number of alternative activities will fend off boredom and give cats the height to see around the room, outside the window, or take a dominant perch above other cats.

Multiple sisal covered scratching opportunities on every level will keep your belongings safe from this common feline habit. Yes, it is possible to accommodate cats in your home and still avoid the appearance of a vast pet playground. Plan carefully! Cats thrive on activity but they also seek out places for seclusion, places to nap, and a secure location or two to recline while just watching over their domain.

A space saver cat tree is a great starting point for furnishings. Sleeping, playing, pole-scratching, and hiding can be effectively combined within a compact area. Cat shelves with dangling toys and bells attached plus a length of hanging sisal twine provides entertainment for those times when your cat wants to play. If you like the idea of luxury pet furniture to blend with your own, the Bewishome Inch Activity Tower Cat Tree fits the bill perfectly.

Its well-proportioned size and smoky grey plush cover puts it in the category of designer cat furniture instead of playground equipment. At the top are two fur covered platforms for reclining, one below the other. Both have raised edges to make your cat feel secure and comfortable. Below those are two cat cubbies. The rectangular one is a bit larger, and has a small round window for peeking out in addition to the doorway.

The second cubby is a cozy circular shape. Both cubbies are surrounded by a plush-covered platform. A large flat area and a hammock are below the cubbies. Strategically located throughout the tree are four scratching posts.

Build Your Own Cat Tree

These help satisfy the feline urge to stretch and work their claws to keep them in tiptop shape, instead of using your furnishings to accomplish it. One of the best cat trees for a small apartment, the footprint or base of this cat tower is just When you have more than one cat, entertainment is especially helpful to prevent boredom and the resulting quarrels or lethargy. Pet parents appreciate a combination of cat-pleasing activities and features with good design sense.

A cat tree that provides stimulation for felines without taking over the living area of your home is the aim of this well-designed Bewishome tower. Before deciding whether to purchase this Bewishome tree, take into consideration some possible cons. At the same time you want them to be content and getting enough stimulation to keep them from being destructive. Feline needs and preferences versus owner tastes and style choices — can they both be satisfied in one product choice?

Without taking up much space, a cat tree like this one contains loads of variety to meet the desire of both parties with practical solutions. While you could go out and buy a regular cat scratcher to deal with the clawing of furniture, a heavy duty cat tree will allow for climbing and scratching. By choosing the right tree for a cat playground, you will not only be able to save your furniture from scratching, but also providing your pet with the stimulation they crave. If you have cats that are the right size, then this tree will provide them with hours of entertainment and relaxation while also keeping them from tearing up your furniture.

A luxury cat tree is like a playground for cats, and this one provides your cat with all of the amenities that they could ever possibly want. This particular tree almost has too many frills to count. On the first platform there is an igloo-like condo and a round hammock for napping. Under the first platform is a more traditional hammock.

Under the top platform is a tube for your cat to climb through. Needless to say, with three levels, this design provides cats with a great place to play or relax. The rope that hangs under the second platform provides endless entertainment for most cats, as they tend to love poking and clawing at strings and ropes. This Go Pet Club model is the perfect tree for smaller and medium-sized cats. Plus it comes in four different colors to work with any interior color scheme; tan, black, dark navy or a rich brown.

Under the first level there is a traditional hammock, and between the first and second levels, on the side, there is a round canopy-style hammock. There are a number of features that make this particular Go Pet Club tree stand out from the rest. Here are some of the things that make this tree great. Here is a list of some of the things you or your cat might not like so much about this tree. The rope alone can provide hours of entertainment, and the condo, tube, and multiple hammocks provide an extremely comfortable place for your cat to relax.

Build your own cat tree.

While this is best for smaller to average sized cats, it definitely is one of the better trees out there. However, if you have a larger cat, you are probably going to want to find something a little more sturdy, as regular play on this by a heavier cat is going to cause it to destabilize over time. All in all, this is an excellent cat tree for those who have small to medium-sized cats. They will love having their own place to play and you will love watching them enjoy it! Save your furniture and curtains with a cat tree or tower. Your cat brings you joy in so many ways.

Their own activity center is a gift that they will enjoy daily. Recommended by pets, their owners, and vets, this Go Pet Club tree is sure to delight kitties of all ages.